7 Practical, Yet Totally Magical Unicorn Themed Gifts

Unicorns are everywhere at the moment. What started as a simple, sparkly trend for young girls has exploded in a momentous cloud of rainbow glitter that you’ll find difficult to escape from! Unicorns are sweet, cool, glittery, furry and seemingly appeal to adults as well as children. This means, if your unicorn-mad little one has a birthday coming up, you’ll be completely spoilt for choice! You can find out more about birthday gifts here, just click the link.

However, too much choice isn't always a good thing and thanks to the popularity of unicorns, it's not easy to decide what to treat your little one with. So, with this in mind, I've gathered my top 7 practical yet totally magical unicorn themed gifts that your child will love.

Unicorn bedding

A new bedding set can sound a little dull as a birthday present. However, if you go a step further and treat your recipient to a new set of unicorn-themed bed-linen, some glittery throw cushions, a unicorn themed blanket and lots of other bed accessories, they’ll certainly love their new bedroom transformation. They might even be asking to go to bed early!

Unicorn arts and crafts

Arts and craft gifts allow your children to unleash their creativity and express themselves in a safe and controlled environment. So, choosing some unicorn-themed arts and crafts as a gift will always be a hit! From decorating your own unicorn mask to painting a pottery unicorn model, jewelry, foil art and even sewing kits where they can make their own cuddly unicorn. Every kid loves arts and crafts!

Unicorn homeware

You can even make mealtimes more exciting with some unicorn-themed homeware products. Iridescent bowls, plates and cutlery are fun to eat with and you can always spoil them with their very own unicorn mug and placemats!

Unicorn night lights

Whether your little one is still a bit wary of the dark, or they want their bedroom to look really cool at night, you can’t go wrong with unicorn nightlights! A freestanding light will look great on their desk or on a high shelf, or you could make their room look super cute with some string lights in the shape of unicorns. They’ll look great around their headboard.

Unicorn stationery

Maybe your little one is already at school and makes good use of pens and pencils or they're a little younger and enjoy scribbling away on whatever they can find. A good quality, unicorn-themed stationery set is a great gift that will certainly come in handy. A shimmering pencil case, pens, pencils, rulers, felt tips and erasers. Your child will certainly love showing them off at school.

Unicorn bags

Again, whether your child is pre-school age, or already working their way through school, a new school rucksack or weekend bag is a practical yet totally magical gift.

Unicorn wellies

Who doesn’t love a little puddle jumping now and again? Little kids and big kids alike will love and get plenty of use out of a pair of unicorn wellies. You’re sure to get your money's worth!

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