Fun with arts and crafts

I love craft making! When I still had the time and Rap was younger, we would make lots of crafts every time. It's not only therapeutic for a busy homemaker like me but it also strengthened the bond that my child and I had. I still help him in his crafts project for school once in a while especially when it comes to sewing and this coin purse was one of the projects he did with me.

Craft projects are also beneficial for children. It develops artistry and creativity. It hones their motor skills and dexterity. Plus, it's every bit of fun!
Here are some of the crafts that you can do with your child:
  • Handprinted towels - Perfect for toddlers! Just ask your little one to stamp his painted little hand on a towel. Don't forget to write the year so it becomes one your souvenirs.
  • Grass pals - With a pot of soil, some wheatgrass seeds, and an adequate amount of water and sunlight, you can unleash your child's creative side while teaching him a quick lesson on plants. How? Wait for the grass to grow a it longer and ask your kid to trim it as he please, just like a barber cutting hair! Hey, you can do it, too!
  • Backpack shirt - Okay, your kid will really need your help in this one especially if you have a son. Trust me, lol! Sew and transform your child's old shirt into a backpack.
  • Bead accessories - How I wish I were doing this with my boy but I bet girls will enjoy this more. Start with plastic beads and unexpensive material. Reserve your high quality gemstone beads when your girl's older.
Have fun!

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