I don't want to be the mascot

I read this funny tweet today:

Kapag payat, cosplayer. Kapag mataba, mascot. (If one is slim, she's a cosplayer. If fat, a mascot.)
Funny, but true. Our society has grown accustomed to making fun of fat people. Sadly, I am one of these weight loss challenged people. I don't want to be the mascot. I'm tired of being laughed at. As much as I love myself for being me, I am also aware that things have gone overboard.

I am obese. No more denials; no more excuses. I need to lose more to live more. My latest check-up showed that my blood sugar level is almost beyond normal and my bad cholesterol level is high. For my five-foot frame, I am more than 70 pounds overweight. I need to put an end to this so I can be a healthy and happy mommy 24/7.

I now commit to losing weight by exercising regularly and monitoring my food intake. I now dance everyday and brisk walk when it's not raining. I started my daily calories with the help of a smartphone app. I'm taking C-lium Fibre everyday to help lower my cholesterol levels. My husband and I also plan to start joining running marathons and cycling up to nearby Antipolo on weekends. The cycling would have to wait a little though because we need to install softride bike racks on our SUV for that.

I'll update you on my progress through my other blog, www.maureenflores.com. It would be a long way to my ideal weight but I'm determined to reach my goal.

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