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I don't drink milk. The only time I drank milk (apart from when I was little) was when I was pregnant with Rap. It's one of the little sacrifices I made for him and I'm glad I did. I drank Chocolate-flavored Anmum from Day 1. I believe that, together with the pre-natal vitamins and healthy food that I took, Anmum helped me deliver a smart and healthy baby.

My baby is now 12 years old and I'm sure he's only one of the many children whose moms were supported and cared for by Anmum. In fact, in recognition of the changing roles and needs of moms, Anmum is offering a range of products to cater to their nutritional needs.

The Anmum that I drank 12 years ago is now Anmum Materna. It is packed with a variety of important nutrients that help expectant moms have a healthy pregnancy. Drinking two glasses of Anmum Materna daily helps provide the following nutrients for both mom and baby:

Folate – reduces the risk of Neural Tube Defects
Provides mom with 100% of her daily folate needs
DHA & Gangliosides – support overall mental and visual development
Provides 4.6 mg GA and 50 mg DHA
Calcium and Vitamin D – support development of strong bones and teeth

Provides 1000 mg Calcium and 5 ug Vitamin D
Iron – helps meet the significantly increased requirements to reduce the risk of Iron Deficiency Anemia
Provides 16.6 mg Iron
Vitamin B6 – may help reduce the effects of nausea

Provides 1.6 mg Vitamin B6
Fibre – supports a healthy digestive system

Provides 5 g Fibre

And because it is rich in folate, Anmum Materna is also recommended for women planning pregnancy. My OB-Gyne recommended this to me as a substitute to the folic acid capsules I'm taking daily as part of my pregnancy work-up.

Meanwhile, for moms who are breastfeeding, there's Anmum Lacta. It contains Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B12, Folate, Calcium, and Iron that are essential during the lactation period.

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