Things to remember in creating a letterhead

Last Christmas, I was so into making personalized stuff and some of the items we gave to friends and family were personal letterheads. It was a hit and I received a lot of compliments for the work I did. It helped that it was easy to design stationeries and letterheads from scratch and the quality of my finished product was surprisingly superb.

Some friends have started to ask me on how much I charge per ream of letterhead stationeries. But then, I'm not planning to make it into a business so I just taught them how to do it. I need to read more on business management, you see. And besides, It's easy and anybody can do it on the computer. All you will need to know is to remember these:
  • Letterhead templates can be easily done in Microsoft Word. You can opt to do a simple letterhead by adding your details as a page header. You can also do it by inserting Word Art and images (if any).
  • Your letterhead says everything about you. Whether its for personal letters or for business correspondence, your letterhead should reflect your personality or your business' ideals.
  • Do not forget your contact details. Include your complete address, telephone number, email and website (if any).
Letterheads are not used for business only so ou can create one for yourself or for your family's personal stationery. Go ahead and have fun designing!

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