There’s a Reason They’re Called Tricks: Nearly Magical Ways to Use the Products You Have

We’ve all been in a pinch before -- an unexpected date or outing with your significant other arises, and you don’t have to take the kids! Or the supplies you thought you had available to achieve a style or look ended up being missing from your cabinets. Sometimes the perfect lipstick, nail polish, human hair extensions,
or soaps aren’t readily available. Take a few of these helpful hints to aid you the next time you’re in a bind and need to use common products and objects to recreate great style.

Dry Your Nails Quickly

Sometimes our nails are the last things to get touched up when headed out for an evening, but chic, beautiful nails are one of the must-have components to put-together look. If you’re running late and had to save the polish for the last-minute, put a drop of cooking oil or spray on your polish, and it will dry instantly.
Then reach into your purse, grab your keys without smudging or chipping your polish, and be on your merry way.

Clean Off Mascara -- Gently

If you’ve run out of makeup remover, don’t scrub your lashes until they break or sleep in your mascara. Sleeping in eye makeup can cause infection. Take a dab of moisturizer, put it on a Q-tip, and gently rub it into your lashes. Let it sit for a few minutes and then wash it off. The moisturizer will loosen the mascara so it’s easy to wash clean.

Smooth Your Hair

In the winter months, static electricity can make hair difficult to maintain. Flyaways are never sophisticated, and they’re not easy to tame. Keep a dryer sheet handy while styling your hair. After you’re finished with heat styling, rub the dryer sheet over your hair. It will immediately ground those flyaways.

Create a New Nail Polish Color

Did you know you can match your eye shadow to your nails? Take some time to do this fun experiment and reap the benefits of a new, unique polish color. Grab a bottle of clear nail polish, scrape old eyeshadow out of its container, and mix it into the polish bottle using a toothpick. Shake the bottle well, and paint those nails!

Some of these tips are even great ways to use up old products you don’t use anymore and prevent waste.

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