LSM 3rd Trimester Exam Reviewer for Grade 3 Music. Arts, and Work Education

LSM Grade 3 MAW 3rd Trim Exam SY 2009-2010

You are free to reprint it should you find it useful as long as the watermark is left unaltered. The contents of this reviewer should only be used for personal purposes. I would also appreciate link backs to my site. :)


  • Consonance and Dissonance
  • Rhythmic Ostinato
  • Texture
  • Philippine Folk Arts
  • Filipino Painters, Sculptors, and their works
  • Human Voices
  • Percussion Instruments
The worksheets I am posting were either used by my son or the students in my tutorial center. As such, the course guides that were used in making these reviewers were only the ones issued by their respective schools. For worksheet requests or for sharing your kid's course guide, send me as message through mail [at] the24hourmommy [dot] com. I will try to furnish one but that will still depend on my available time and references. :)

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Expo Kid: A showcase of the best kid activity providers in Manila

“Mom knows best”, that's how the saying goes, and when moms are asked what an ideal event for their children would be, every mom would definitely say, “something informative yet fun to keep their attention.” So moms, check this out!

Expo Kid is a venue where learning meets fun! It is an event conceptualized not only for kids but is also a worthwhile affair for moms and dads to discover things that their kids can enjoy and learn from. At Expo Kid, there will be interactive activity areas, all-day talks and demos, and a Kids' Bazaar featuring more than 30 vendors and exhibitors. Expo Kid features some of today’s most creative and dynamic kids activity providers such as Kids Ahoy!, My Masterpiece and Onstage activities will showcase a YogaKids demo, Science Exploration workshops, a Bumblebee fashion show of the coolest kids costumes, the ArtBeats musical band, a great balloon show by Jiggles the Balloon Lady, and a lot more!

Expo Kid is organized by Rome Kanapi of the Philippine Association of Childbirth Education (PACE) and Janice Crisostomo-Villanueva of Mommy Matters, the same team who has been organizing much-awaited events for moms and families such as Expo Mom, Mommy Milkshake Marathon and Moms on the Floor.

Expo Kid is on March 6 (Saturday) at Rockwell Tent. The event will start at 10 in the morning until 8 in the evening. An entrance fee of 25 pesos per person shall be charged, with all registration proceeds going to MomShare’s beneficiary, the Kids Ahoy Little Rescue Mission. Donations of coloring materials, school supplies, books and the like will be accepted at the gate. Kids below 12 years of age get in for free. For more info, log on to or search Expo Kid on Facebook.

This event is brought to you by Mommy Matters, PACE, GlaxoSmithKline, NVIRO Paints, RCBC Savings Bank. With support from media partners Manila Bulletin, Junior Inquirer, Lifestyle Network, Mommy Pages,, Smart Parenting Magazine and Urban Mom. Logistical Management by Creative Juice.

Special thanks to Ms. Janice Villanueva of Mommy Matters for the heads-up!

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Global Art - Regular and Summer Programs

Rap was able to have a free trial class in the Global Art booth during the Galileo event held last February 13, 2010 at the NIDO Fortified Science Discovery Center. He was given a piece of paper with a drawing of a whale on it and was asked to color it using oil pastel. His first attempt was ok but it clearly lacked artistic quality. Simply put, it just looked like how a normal kid would color a picture using ordinary crayons.

I saw how my son handed his work over to the art teacher. He was not too proud about it and looked at me like he was asking me to take him to another booth already. But his teacher just smiled and gave him another copy of the same drawing. He was asked to color it again but, this time, with the guidance of the art teacher.

coloring properly

I admit, between me and my husband, it's him that is very artistic. I can draw pictures, yes. But when it comes to coloring pictures, you can compare my work to those done by my former preschool students, hahaha! I don't know how to blend colors to give a picture some depth. That is what Rap's art teacher taught him that day and I found it surprisingly easy! In a few minutes, Rap's "whale" had come to life by blending different shades of blue and grey and white and yellow. He finally looked proud of what he had done.

Seeing how happy and comfortable he was with his artwork made me decide to enroll him in Global Art Ortigas this summer. I already inquired about the art school's programs and I was told that Rap will be starting with the Basic Level. This is the breakdown of the fees:
  • Registration Fee (inclusive of Bag and T-Shirt) : Php 1,000
  • Workbook (lasts for 4 months) Php 805
  • Oil Pastel set (lasts for more than 1 year): Php 470
  • Training Fee (8 hours per month): Php 2,500
  • Total: Php 4,775
After that initial payment, we would only need to pay Php 2,500 monthly until he finishes his set of workbooks for the Basic Level.

This summer, Global Art Ortigas will also offer a summer art program which consists of Art (Php 6,300), Arts and Crafts (Php 6,900), and Crafts and Clay (Php 4,570) classes. For more information about the program, you can contact Global Art Ortigas (which is also serves as its headquarters) through calling 515-7005 or 726-0435. Global Art Ortigas is located at Unit 101, Sekai Center, 368 Ortigas Ave. corner Madison Street, Greenhills, San Juan.

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Galileo Enrichment Learning Program

Nowadays, kids are so busy in school that learning inside the classroom becomes just one of the many stressful activities they go through every day. In my son's school, for one, there are more than thirty students in one class and lessons are taught in a traditional classroom setting. Pupils are almost left to themselves when it comes to comprehending the concepts taught. I was a preschool teacher and a tutor and I know how important it is for us to realize children's different learning styles. This is often forgotten in a traditional classroom that's why most children need after-school help nowadays.

Galileo's Astronomical Birthday

There are many after-school learning programs in the Metro today. I haven't tried most of them with my son since I have extra time to assist him in his lessons at home. Often, I rely on what I read and hear from other parents. Last February 13, 2010, Rap and I were given the chance to sneak a peek into the meaningful, exciting, and fun techniques of the Galileo Enrichment Learning Program.

Ms. Irene Lucas and Prof. Galileo
Professor Galileo and Ms. Irene Lucas, GM of Galileo Enrichment Learning Program

Galileo Enrichment Learning Program celebrated Galileo Galilei's birthday which was happening two days after the event. The said program is obviously named after the "Father of Scientific Revolution" and has embraced the telescopic approach to learning. It aims to help children ages 3 to 12 a more exciting and fun way of learning Math and English.

solving math equations while creating art

Take for example, the photo above. It looks like Rap was just coloring a page out of a coloring book, right? Actually, he is solving an addition problem because the sum tells him the kind of color to use on a particular spot. Now, that's a whole different way to look at numbers! That's the whole point of the program - for children to enjoy learning tasks and not to be scared or bored of them.

I'm actually interested in enrolling Rap if only there's a Galileo center that is near our home. There are, in fact, 12 school based learning centers and 9 stand alone centers in Metro Manila and Laguna. You can check out the link to find one near you.

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Send Flowers to Anywhere in the Philippines this Valentines Day Through Island Rose

On the morning of my 20th birthday eleven years ago, I was awakened with a bouquet of fragrant roses from my husband who was still my boyfriend then. I remember all the little details up to now - how the bouquet looked like; from the lovely flower arrangement down to the ribbons and the gift card. Everything's truly memorable. I guess, there's always something about roses that captures a woman's fancy. A significant day becomes even more special with a lovely bouquet of roses.

You can make this Valentines Day memorable for the love of your life with flowers from Island Rose. is the official e-commerce site of Philippine Cut Flower Corporation (PCFC) which started its full scale rose production way back in 1983. Flower Delivery to the Philppines has never been this easy and speedy with Island Rose.

You can Send Flowers to the Philippines by visiting Island Rose's website and choose from the wide variety of floral bouquet arrangements to choose from. Once you find the floral bouquet that suits your taste, choose your preferred currency (in Philippine Pesos of US Dollars), and click the Buy Now button. You will be redirected to the Purchase Counter where you will enter details regarding the delivery date and instructions, packaging theme, greeting card message, and optional additional gifts like bears or chocolates. Next stop is the payment of your purchase. If you have a registered account with Island Rose, you will order using the details stored under your account. Otherwise, you can check the choose Order w/o An Account and fill out the necessary details to complete your purchase. Ordering through the site really is a breeze even for the internet noobs!

Aside from flowers, you can also Send Gifts to the Philippines with Island Rose. Check out their Gift Shop to view their gallery of sweets, stuffed toys, scents, and accessories.  What's more exciting this Valentines Day is that Island Rose customers can get up to 10% off on their orders using the VDAY022010 coupon upon ordering! Visit Island Rose now while you still have a week to go before V Day!

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Alaska Ironkids Philippines 2010

After the success of the Ironman 70.3 Philippines, Alaska is now launching Ironkids Philippines. Wilfred Steven Uytengsu, a triathlete and Alaska Milk Corporation's President & CEO, aims to motivate kids from 6 to 14 years old to be active in sports. The distances are shorter and the obstacles are not that complex to encourage first time kid runners to engage in the sport. Aside from that, all participants will be given an Ironkids tshirt, a participant's medal, and other goodies!

Registration can be done through the Ironkids Philippines website or at the Timex stores in SM Megamall and Glorietta from January 22 to February 21, 2010. Registration fee is Php 350.

Please visit the Alaska Ironkids Philippines website for more details.

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