Galileo Enrichment Learning Program

Nowadays, kids are so busy in school that learning inside the classroom becomes just one of the many stressful activities they go through every day. In my son's school, for one, there are more than thirty students in one class and lessons are taught in a traditional classroom setting. Pupils are almost left to themselves when it comes to comprehending the concepts taught. I was a preschool teacher and a tutor and I know how important it is for us to realize children's different learning styles. This is often forgotten in a traditional classroom that's why most children need after-school help nowadays.

Galileo's Astronomical Birthday

There are many after-school learning programs in the Metro today. I haven't tried most of them with my son since I have extra time to assist him in his lessons at home. Often, I rely on what I read and hear from other parents. Last February 13, 2010, Rap and I were given the chance to sneak a peek into the meaningful, exciting, and fun techniques of the Galileo Enrichment Learning Program.

Ms. Irene Lucas and Prof. Galileo
Professor Galileo and Ms. Irene Lucas, GM of Galileo Enrichment Learning Program

Galileo Enrichment Learning Program celebrated Galileo Galilei's birthday which was happening two days after the event. The said program is obviously named after the "Father of Scientific Revolution" and has embraced the telescopic approach to learning. It aims to help children ages 3 to 12 a more exciting and fun way of learning Math and English.

solving math equations while creating art

Take for example, the photo above. It looks like Rap was just coloring a page out of a coloring book, right? Actually, he is solving an addition problem because the sum tells him the kind of color to use on a particular spot. Now, that's a whole different way to look at numbers! That's the whole point of the program - for children to enjoy learning tasks and not to be scared or bored of them.

I'm actually interested in enrolling Rap if only there's a Galileo center that is near our home. There are, in fact, 12 school based learning centers and 9 stand alone centers in Metro Manila and Laguna. You can check out the link to find one near you.

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