Wednesday, August 26

School of Rock Philippines' programs for kids and adults

I have written before that my son performs in a rock band with his schoolmates in Pisay. He's actually their "accidental" lead vocalist. The band's former vocalist quit and he had to play substitute so they can join the Battle of the Bands competition in school. Since then, my boy fell in love with rock n' roll. He only had one plan last summer, and that is to enroll in the School of Rock Philippines.

Ralph's keyboard class with Sir Louie.
School of Rock Philippines is the first Asian franchise of the School of Rock USA. As its name suggests, kids enrolled in the School of Rock Philippines are taught the rudiments of rock and roll by actually playing the music. That way, the students become not only more skilled in playing rock music but also more confident to perform on stage. Aside from these, since they get to perform in a band, they also learn about teamwork.

School of Rock Philippines campus at the basement of Connecticut Arcade, Greenhills.

School of Rock Philippines offers 3 programs:

Rock 101 (Php 6,500 /month)
  • Four 45-minute private lessons per month for a total of 3 hours per month.  
  • Four 90-minute jam sessions per month for a total of 6 hours per month.
Performance Program (Php 8,000/month)
  • Four 45-minute private lessons per month for a total of 3 hours per month.  
  • Four 180-minute jam sessions per month for a total of 12 hours per month.
Adult Performance Program (Php 8,000/month)
  • Four 45-minute private lessons per month for a total of 3 hours per month.  
  • Four 180-minute jam sessions per month for a total of 12 hours per month.

One of the classrooms where band jam sessions are held.
Normally, kids who are just starting out in rock music enroll in Rock 101 first to learn the fundamentals of playing their instrument of choice. Since Ralph already knew how to play the piano before we enrolled him, we were advised to skip Rock 101 and enroll him in the Performance Program instead. Ralph went to his classes twice a week,spending his first 45 minutes in private one-on-one keyboard lesson then followed by his jam session. He really enjoyed the jam sessions more because he got to play with other students (including his bandmate in Pisay!). He also got to play with some of the adult students. Too bad, his lessons started in June so he wasn't able to join their summer performance.

The common area where students can hang-out with each other while waiting for their classes
to start or for their fetchers to arrive.
School of Rock Philippines is located at the basement of Connecticut Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan, Metro Manila. For inquiries, you may contact them at 0922.8342455 or (632)5718021.

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Sunday, August 23

Canadian Beddings #Connected Tradeshow

Canadian Beddings, one of the leading providers of luxury bed linen, pillows, and towels in the country, presented its latest collection last week in a trade show entitled "#Connected." The said event not only showcased Canadian Beddings' new designs but also presented the connection between the said brand and two other brands - Lifestyle Bed and Bath and Hello Dolly infant apparel.

Canadian Beddings has already been part of Filipino homes for the last 56 years. To keep up with the demands of the fashion-forward Filipino market, it introduced 50 new designs from all categories.

Meanwhile, the Lifestyle Bed and Bath carries 3 different lines. While the Lifestyle Urban Premium line and Lifestyle Urban Basic Collection have higher thread counts, the Lifestyle Pick-and-Go collection is targeted for the budget conscious customers.

Also introduced during the trade show is the new collection of Hello Dolly, Canadian's affiliate company that is focused on infant and child apparel, and baby beddings and bath sets. Hello Dolly carries licensed character designs which includes Classic Pooh, Disney Baby, Disney Princesses, Looney Tunes, and Snoopy among others.

Like Canadian Beddings, Lifestyle Bed and Bath and Hello Dolly infant wear and baby items are available in all major department stores nationwide. For more details on the new collection, Visit Lifestyle Bed Lines and Hello Dolly Infants Wear on Facebook.

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Wednesday, August 19

Electrolux calls out for better environments for children with asthma

A straw can be more than just something for drinking. Electrolux, a global leader in home appliances, gives this everyday item a new meaning in their latest campaign to raise awareness on a potentially serious illness— asthma.

About 14% of the world’s children suffer from asthmatic symptoms, and it has been a leading cause of school absenteeism, and a common reason for children being excluded from sports and other activities. In the Philippines alone, around 10 million people have this disease. By asking 10,000 school staff members, sports coaches, and decision makers to breathe through a straw, Electrolux hopes to inspire the community to create asthma-friendly environments.

“With medication, better knowledge about the disease, and improved indoor air quality, no child should have to stay home from school or get excluded from the community,” says Henrik Sundström, Vice President, Group Sustainability at Electrolux. “With this initiative, we want to inspire people to take a stand and help create safe and healthy environments that don’t exclude children with asthma. Reducing asthma triggers is easy, and we can all help.”

To reach school staff members, sports coaches, librarians, politicians and other policy makers, Electrolux will send out 10,000 straws with some easy-to-follow steps for those who want to create an asthma-friendly environment. Electrolux invites the general public to decide who should get a straw by nominating their names at “By asking decision makers to breathe through a straw, we want to remind them about their responsibility to create asthma-friendly environments. Every child should have the space to breathe,” Sundström continues.

“Electrolux is dedicated to creating a clean and safe home environment for children and families,” says Andrea Pionilla, Marketing Manager of Electrolux Philippines. “We are committed to improving the indoor air quality of homes through our highly efficient vacuum cleaners and air conditioners. Cleaning is important, but this campaign presents a wide range of actions that anyone can take in order to reduce asthma triggers at home and in public environments.”

Visit to learn more and to send a straw to someone in your community.

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Monday, August 17

J.Co Premium Colombian Coffee Now Available in the Philippines

J.CO proudly brings to the Philippines J.COFFEE Premium which offers only the finest lines of coffee beans that coffee lovers would surely love. Last week, our favorite donut place launched its premium blend line with Colombian Supremo beans imported straight from the 3rd biggest coffee producer in the world, Colombia.

According to Mr. Putra Andrean, head J.COFFEE Specialist, Arabica  trees produce coffee beans that produce a delicious aroma and full bodied flavor. The high volcanic mountains of Colombia where the trees are grown, plus the country's wonderful climate all-year round, makes Colombian Supremo beans full-flavored. As with all of J.CO’s services, J.CO Premium Colombian Coffee is prepared and served with passion and meticulous care.

I had so much fun during the Colombian-inspired media launch held at J.CO Park Triangle (Kidzania Manila). We were treated with a Colombian dance number, mug-decorating workshop, and a café latte demonstration by the local coffee experts. I was also able to interview Mr. Andrean as the event ended and I am so happy to learn that J.Co has plans of using our local coffee beans. I specifically suggested he try the ones grown in the Mountain Province since it's also grown in high altitude  areas.

Me with mommy blogger kumare, Jen Aspacio of

Mr. Putra Andrean

I do hope you visit the following J.CO stores to have a taste of J.Co Premium Colombian Coffee: Mall of Asia, Eastwood, SM North Edsa, Glorietta 2, Araneta Center Shopwise, Forbestown Center, Park Triangle, and Market! Market!.

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Thursday, June 4

BOOK REVIEW: "Ma'am May I Go Out?" by Nio Calonge

I believe that the world is a huge classroom. In my short stint as a pre-school teacher, I made it a point that my pupils have an activity outside the classroom where they can also learn the same lessons written in the textbooks we use. Not everything can be learned inside the confines of the school, especially the practical lessons that an individual needs in life. This is basically the message of "Ma'am May I Go Out?" written by my friend and brother in The FEAST Rizal District, Nio Calonge.

Being an educator himself, it's not at all surprising to see that his book follows a special format which makes it somewhat like a workbook of sorts. The STAR format that's applied in the book has the following components:

  • Scripture - Each chapter starts with a related Bible verse. It was actually amazing how he was able to relate Genesis 1:27 to his stories of Maskman, Bioman, Shaider, and the other Super Sentai heroes that made a mark in my younger days. You gotta read the book to know what I mean. *wink wink*
  • Tale - Here, Nio shares his colorful experiences as a student from pre-school to college. It was through his stories in this book that I've come to know him more. And since we're of the same age range, I was able to have the ultimate throwback and travel down memory lane. Makakar-relate sigurado ang mga batang 80's and 90's.
  • Activity - After telling his story, Nio challenges readers to do something related to the chapter. For example, "List down five people who served as your inspiration while growing up." As I said, the book is very interactive.
  • Reflection - A reflection question is posted at the end of each chapter. At this point, readers are encouraged to think and reflect on their own stories.
If you're looking for a book that's light, entertaining, and, at the same time, enlightening, this is the book for you. Parang nakikipagkwentuahn ka lang kay Nio. The book is not only apt for students but for readers of all ages. The text is not complex at all and the message conveyed in each chapter is simple and easily understood.

"Ma'am May I Go Out?" is published by Shepherd's Voice Publications, Inc., the same publisher of Bo Sanchez's bestselling books such as "How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit." You may log on to or visit a National Bookstore nearest you to get a copy.