Catch "Mother's Day" movie showing on May 4

Garry Marshall, who moved everyone to tears of joy with his classic and endearing romantic comedies such as “Pretty Woman,” “The Princess Diaries,” “Beaches,” “Dear God,” “New Year’s Eve” and “Valentine’s Day” connects the world once again with his latest star-studded movie “Mother’s Day” starring Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Jason Sudeikis in a celebratory and inspiring story of what “Mother’s Day” really means to each of them.

“Mother’s Day” tell the intertwining stories of mothers and a Mr. Mom as the holiday approaches that stars Julia Roberts as Miranda, as a television host, Jennifer Aniston who plays recently-divorced Sandy, Kate Hudson who plays reluctant daughter and Jason Sudeikis, a widower trying to relate to his daughters. The movie also stars Timothy Olyphant, Sarah Chalke, Shay Mitchell, Jon Lovitz and Britt Robertson.

Aniston and Sudeikis, who’ve previously worked together in riotous comedies such as “We’re The Millers” marks their fifth movie as their characters’ lives are intertwined in “Mother’s Day.”

Celebrate the wonder of life that is our moms, watch “Mother’s Day” starting May 4 in cinemas – from OctoArts Films International.

Check out the films trailer here:

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Super8 Funfest 2016

Super8 Grocery Warehouse, one of the leading grocery warehouse chains in the Philippines, is preparing a special surprise for its loyal customers with the Super8 Funfest 2016. The annual three-day event, now on its fourth year, will be held at the World Trade Center from April 28 to 30, 2016.

For the first two days, Super8 Rewards Card members can enjoy exclusive discounts on top of unbeatably low prices from a wide selection of high-quality products from the country’s top manufacturers like Universal Robina Corp, Peerless Products Mfg Corp., Procter & Gamble, Nestle Philippines and many more. The public can join in on the fun on the event’s last day.

With a game show theme this year, Super8 will let shoppers and their families experience the excitement of fun and interactive activities. Super8’s partner brands are also cooking up special activities and amazing prizes for shoppers who will visit their booths. Shoppers can also delight in seeing celebrities at the event such as Toni Gonzaga, Billy Crawford, Tom Rodriguez, Carla Abellana, Jericho Rosales, Alden Richards and many other surprise guests.

Super8 Funfest 2016 is a true family affair. While Mommy enjoys browsing and shopping different deals from partner brands, Daddy and the kids don’t have to be bored, thanks to the entertaining activities they can immerse themselves in.

A Super8 Funfest will never be complete without amazing prizes for all attendees. This year’s roster of prizes is the biggest yet, with a number of business-boosting showcases and special treats.

Prizes include:

Travel Showcase
Four (4) Roundtrip tickets to Boracay + 3D2N stay at Milflores de Boracay + P10,000 pocket money

Negosyo Showcase
P30,000 worth of Super8 Rewards Points + Tindahan Makeover worth P20,000

Mobile Lifestyle Showcase
iPhone 6S + 13-inch Macbook Air

Entertainment Showcase
Samsung 55” Smart TV + La-Z-Boy Rocker Recliner + Nescafe Dolce Gusto Oblo

Car Showcase
Brand-new Toyota Vios with FREE Insurance, car registration, and tune-up + P10,000 worth of gasoline

Take advantage of the super-exclusive offers available to Super8 Rewards Card members at the Funfest 2016 by becoming a member today. To find out how to earn points and gain entrance to the most exciting shopping event of the season, just visit any Super8 Grocery Warehouse branch.

For more information on Super8 Grocery Warehouse and the Super8 Rewards Card perks, like their Facebook page,, or visit one of their branches in over 50 locations in Metro Manila and surrounding provinces in North and South Luzon.

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10 Money Principles Kids Should Learn

Aside from aiming for a good education for our children, I believe that we also ought to teach them how to handle their finances this early. We're not going to be with for them forever, won't we? So it's just wise for our kids to be money smart, too!

Below are the 10 money principles that your kids should learn:

  1. Financial freedom is your choice! There's no age too early for financial literacy. We should also teach our kids this fact that they can be financially free if they choose to.
  2. Creating financial freedom is a matter of developing right habits. Develop and establish your kids' financial habits early on in life. As parents, we should also model how to have sound financial habits for our kids to imitate.
  3. Pay yourself first. Teach your kids how to invest and have their money work for them. 
  4. It's better to tell your money where to go than ask where it went. Teach them how to budget their money wisely.
  5. Assets feed you; liabilities eat you. Kids should know what's the difference between the two and they should also see in us parents that we have more assets than liabilities.
  6. Don't put all your financial eggs into one basket. The three pillars of wealth are stocks, real estate, and business. We are blessed to currently have all our money invested in these and I know my son realizes the advantage of diversifying our investments.
  7. Save early and save often. Have your kids appreciate the magic of compound growth brought about by compound interest. Help your kids invest their money in mutual funds!
  8. It's not how much money you make that's important. It's about learning to better manage and invest your money that you already have that matters most.
  9. Money is a tool to reach your dreams. Money not only helps you become secure and financially free but it also helps you to help others.
  10. Make money grow by putting it to work for you. Passive income is the bomb! How to achieve this? Invest in sound and legal investments and watch it grow overtime.

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