Tuesday, February 9

Hot Pair, Hot Shoes and Bags: Nadine and James for Parisian and Milanos at SM

She is sophisticated, classy, and charming; standing out from her contemporaries by being well rounded and approachable – fact that endears her to many of her followers. He is young, edgy, and fun; a Filipino-Australian who rose to fame after his success in a local reality show, where fans got the opportunity to know the real person behind the actor.

Together, Nadine Lustre and James Reid, known as Jadine, are two of the freshest faces in local show business. And the hottest love team recently collaborated with Parisian Shoes and Bags and Milanos to launch the hottest shoes and bags of 2016.

In this perfect pairing, the SM Store’s biggest shoes and bags brands – Parisian and Milanos – welcomed James and Nadine to represent their latest collection during launch ceremonies at SM Makati. From casual to trendy shoes and bags, the collection includes a reboot of styles, chic inspiration, and sports motifs. These are designed for today’s generation of young and sophisticated shoppers, who are as passionate about their sense of style, as well as comfort and money.

Nadine’s fashion choices are as wide and varied as the characters she plays. From updated classics to trendy street looks, her top picks in this year’s Parisian Shoes Spring 2016 show how she loves to play it up when it comes to her personal style.

For bags, Nadine opts for small handbags, which she can carry from day to night to hold her essentials. When she wants things more laid back and casual, she goes for bags accented with fringes for an instant Boho-chic.

James, on the other hand, represents the new generation of young gentlemen – sincere, cool, with an overall great personality that matches his great looks. Ever the cool dude, James loves the casual styles and comfortable fit of Milanos shoes. He transcends from boy-next door to ultimate heartthrob with casual styles in blues and browns.

Parisian Shoes and Bags and Milanos Shoes are available at the Shoes and Bags Department of all SM Stores nationwide.

Get connected with Parisian Shoes and Bags and Milanos Shoes through Parisian Shoes and Bags and Milanos Shoes on Facebook and @SMParisian and @SMMilanosShoes on Twitter and Instagram.

Monday, February 1

Creating a Fun Play Area for Your Kids

Creating a play or recreational area inside your home for your kids is an important project. Recruiting local general contractors is a very important step that you will take in your search. After all, there are many contracting professionals to choose from, and you want to make sure you are getting a professional with the right experience.

Use Good Negotiating Skills

One of the best tools you have at your disposal is access to several contractors that you can get quotes without any obligation. If you let each of them know that they are one of several companies you are considering, they will be more likely to give you a competitive quote. Getting a fair price, as well as ensuring that you get quality work, are both important.

Looking for Legitimate Contractors

You want to make sure you protect both your family and your bank account from scam artists. One way in which you can help protect the integrity of your project is by asking for references and viewing photos of previous work of this nature. If you have confidence that the contractor of your choice can handle this sort of work, the entire planning process will be much more enjoyable and rewarding in the end.

Checking Out the Contractor's Background

One of the most important things you can do for your whole family is to check out the background of any contractors who will work with you. Although many companies are careful about who they hire, some may have employees with a criminal background. Because these contractors may be working near your children, you want to make sure that they pose no risk to the kids.

Ask Plenty of Questions

Although contractor websites are a good way to evaluate their overall skills, don't hesitate to ask questions about their qualifications for things such as play areas. The contractor that you choose should be able to give you a reasonable plan for how they will accomplish your job. You should also find out how flexible they are regarding any unexpected changes to your original plans.

Finding the right contractor to help you bring your ideas for a playroom or another area for your children to life is one of the most rewarding experiences you'll have. Choose the right contractor for the job, and your kids will reap the benefits. You'll have the complete satisfaction of knowing that your kids will be happy in their new playroom.

Monday, January 25

"Taste the Feeling™" is Coca-Cola's newest global campaign

Coca-Cola has always been special to me as my husband had been part of The Coca-Cola Company in the past. That's why I really appreciate it when I get invited to their media events whether it be a celebration of a milestone of the launching of a new campaign. Last week, I was privileged to attend the launching of it's new campaign, "Taste the Feeling™."

This global campaign was first introduced in Paris in January 19. "Taste the Feeling™" fully embodies the uplifting refreshment of drinking Coke whatever variant it is. "The new global approach is a powerful investment behind all Coca-Cola products, showing how everyone can enjoy the specialness of an ice-cold Coca-Cola, with or without calories, with or without caffeine," said Marcos de Quinto, Chief Marketing Officer of The Coca-Cola Company.

The lead television spot, “Anthem,” comes to life through a series of ordinary moments linked by a Coca-Cola, such as ice-skating with friends, a first date, a first kiss, and a first love. The soundtrack to “Anthem” is an original song titled “Taste the Feeling™ ” sung by London-born, Australia-raised singer, Conrad Sewell. I like the new song, by the way. It's fun and catchy. Although the iconic five-note signature isn't part of it anymore, it's still nice to hear Coke's new audio signature that makes use of the sounds that have long been attributed to drinking Coke: the opening of the fridge, the unmistakable fizzing on ice, the cheers and clinking of glasses, the quenching sip, and the irresistible ahhh at the end. There's a remix version of the song, too, featuring Avici.

The new campaign also features images shot by noted fashion photographers Guy Aroch and Nacho Ricci capturing people from around the world enjoying ice-cold Coca-Cola in a variety of everyday moments. The new campaign imagery will be used in print advertising,out of home billboards, in-store as well as digital media. The shareable and customizable interactive digital experience is made up of different GIF scenes that reflect feelings associated with drinking Coca-Cola set to the “Taste the Feeling™” anthem. The experience allows users to pull a GIF scene directly from the microsite, personalize the scene with real-time feelings, and share it on social platforms with #TasteTheFeeling. I got to take home a framed copy of one of the images from the launch, yay!

Meanwhile, Coca-Cola introduced their new Philippine ambassadors namely, Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza, Enrique  Gil, Liza Soberano, James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Enchong Dee, Janella Salvador, Bailey May, and Ylona Garcia.

New Coca-Cola ambassadors in the Philippines.

Coca-Cola will also go around some of the biggest colleges, universities, and tambayans in the country to turn more ordinary moments extra special. One of the biggest activations that teens should look forward to is the roll out of the Coca-Cola Emoticons – a cool and fun way of tasting and sharing the feeling of drinking Coca-Cola with buddies and friends.

Exciting activities are also lined-up for the rest of the year that will uplift ordinary days and bring refreshing moments throughout the country. They will also bee giving out millions of free Coca-Cola so we can make millions of moments special.

The campaign also marks the consolidation of all Coca-Cola trademark products like Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light, Diet Coca-Cola, and Coca-Cola Zero under a ‘One Brand’ campaign approach. “Taste the Feeling™” replaces “Open Happiness™” which has been used by Coca-Cola for the past seven years. Since 1886, there have been 45 taglines before “Taste the Feeling™”.

For more information about the new campaign of Coca-Cola, visit www.TastetheFeeling.Coca-Cola.com or the Facebook page of Coca-Cola Philippines.

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