Wednesday, October 15

Ralph's in a high school band!

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The years we spent in sending Ralph to the Center for Pop Music and his one-on-one piano lessons with Teacher Pauline has finally paid off! Wohoo! My boy finally found the courage to unleash his inner rockstar!
Special thanks to Leo Orpilla for these awesome photos!

Monday, October 13

A New Village For Christmas

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My husband and I bought our first Christmas village on our second Christmas as husband and wife. We use the same set and just bought a new piece or two each year. As the years passed, we were able to grow our Christmas village to include small figurines of people, Christmas wagons, a Christmas tree, and a Santa.

Monday, October 6

To my teenager

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I write this with a bit of sadness. It's almost midnight and I'm alone because you are already in your dorm and Daddy's at work. It's during times like this that I get melancholic and think about the times that have gone by.

Last year, when you turned thirteen and started living away from us during the school days, I struggled with identity crisis. I felt that I did not know myself anymore. It's hard to accept that you need less of me because you've grown up. It's hard to adjust because I was used to caring for you and Daddy. You were my bosses. I served and cared for you both ever since fate willed us to become a family. So, I guess, it was natural to feel lost.

I did not blog for a long time. I felt I wasn't the right fit for the blog anymore. How can I be the 24-hour mommy I knew I once was when I'm not caring for a child anymore? What's there to write when you're so far away? What's there to share when I have more alone time now. Funny, when you were little and always tagging along, I would pray to the heavens to give me at least 5 minutes of alone time. Now, I'll take all those prayers back and wish for at least 5 minutes of hugs from you.

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