Safeguarding Your Home Through Healthy Meals

A healthy family is what all moms desire. Don't you agree? We all work hard to protect our loved ones from sicknesses by keeping our homes clean and by serving fresh and healthy meals. But this global pandemic has made our jobs doubly hard.  Even after more than a year and having my suking palengke service, I still get disappointed at times when meat, poultry, seafood, fruits, and veggies are not fresh enough. And when I do get brave enough to go to the supermarket to buy fresh food, I end up spending more time cleansing myself and the food supplies I bought to make sure I don't bring the virus to my home.

I look like someone on a do-or-die mission every time I go to the supermarket!

Living a healthy lifestyle is really a challenge in these times so we need partners at home that can help us, moms, in our mission of providing healthy meals for our family. Thankfully, there are companies like Beko that are committed to helping families eat healthier food. 

One particular Beko kitchen appliance that I would love to have is the Beko Fridge Freezer. What makes it special among other refrigerators is its HarvestFresh feature.  It's amazing how this feature imitates the sun's natural 24-hour cycle. The special crisper drawer makes fruits and vegetables last longer and with increased vitamin contents because of its special lights. So even when the fruits and veggies are stored in the fridge, it still stays fresh as if it's still outdoors.

Image courtesy of Beko

Beko innovated a 3-color LED light technology with colors that are very much similar to the light that fruits and vegetables would get from the environment. To imitate sunrise, a blue light shines for the first four hours. Then, the green light will replace it as it stimulates midday. After two hours, the red light will switch on for 6 hours to imitate dusk. Finally, the lights will shut off to signal nighttime. Genius, isn't it?

Image courtesy of Beko

But that's only one great feature of Beko fridge freezers. Beko fridge freezers also have the equally amazing EverFresh and NeoFrost Dual Cooling features. These two innovations also ensure that conditions inside the fridge freezer are ideal to keep food cold and fresh always.

Aside from the fridge freezer, Beko also has built-in ovens and built-in cooktops with features that can make cooking hassle-free and more fun for us moms. Because honestly, if we have kitchen buddies like that, we will be more inspired to cook for the family rather than ordering food from restaurants, right?

Now with over 60 years of experience, Beko has become the trusted home appliance brand, especially in Europe. I believe that this company will also gain a huge following in other parts of the globe as it continues promoting healthy lifestyle. In fact, the company started the #EatLikeAPro campaign to fight childhood obesity. Only with fresh food that is readily available at home can children eat healthier and maintain a healthy weight. When kids can just grab fresh fruits from the fridge for snacks, they'll crave less for junk food and fast food. I totally agree with Beko's vision.

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