4 Great Restaurants You Must Try in Calgary

Calgary is a city in Alberta, Canada that is very familiar to me. I have cousins living there and I saw  from their Facebook photos how beautiful the city is. But aside from the beautiful spots, I also became interested of the great restaurants that they tried and posted online.

So while we still can't travel to Calgary to visit them because of this pandemic, I will first take my time to do a little research for our future itinerary. And in this post, I will be sharing my very own round-up of 4 great restaurants to try in Calgary. This way, by the time we get there, I will already have a list ready.

By the way, I based my list on the Google Map user ratings and also on my family's personal food preferences. 

Ten Foot Henry

Ten Foot Henry is a family restaurant that serves fresh vegetable-based dishes. I find this restaurant very interesting. First, their mission is to bridge the gap between what we should be eating and what we want to eat. That means, their dishes are a balance between the good and healthy (vegetables) and tasty (meat, poultry, fish, etc.) They have wine, too! 

Secondly, I like how the restaurant based its name and theme on a Calgary icon, Ten Foot Henry. Ten Foot Henry is a comic strip character that has been to many places in Calgary in the last 37 years. I think that, as a tourist, going to this place is a must. Plus, it has 1,800 stars on Google as of this writing.

Ten Foot Henry is located at 1209 1 St SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0V3, Canada

Himalayan Nepali Cuisine Restaurant

Nepali cuisine is so rare here in the Philippines so I think that the Himalayan Nepali Cuisine Restaurant should be one of our stops. 1000+ Google users have given this restaurant 5 stars and it's very impressive if you ask me. I check their menu on their website and I saw lamb and curry. The boys are into Indian food so I guess we will all enjoy the food here.

It's no surprise that Nepali food has similarities with Indian food. Nepal lies on the Himalayan mountain ranges and is surrounded by India, Tibet, and China. I would like to try Dhindo and Dal-bhat-tarkari, a few of Nepa's traditional food. 

Himalayan Restaurant is located at 3218 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3E 0B3, Canada

OEB Breakfast Co.

OEB Breakfast Co., as its name suggests, serves artisan breakfasts. Established in 2009 in Calgary, the restaurant now has branches in other parts of Canada. The chef-owner is very young and a visionary. That's why he plans to grow the restaurant into more branches as possible. 

I checked the menu and my mouth watered already. The restaurant has almost 1,500 reviews on Google with an average of 4.6 stars. We are all big breakfast eaters in the family and can't function fully without a good, hearty breakfast, LOL! I think we should set a brunch here when we visit. 

OEB Breakfast Co. has branches in Downtown, Mission, Bridgeland, Calgary.

Bridgette Bar

And now, a place for me and the boys to chill! Bridgette Bar is a multi-level bar and restaurant set on a  former industrial space. Looking at the pictures, I can see how hip and cool the place is already. The place is Instagram-worthy. Imagine concrete floors, wooden doors, steel lamps, and vintage motorcycles.

Ralph is already in his twenties and is now also our frequent drinking buddy so I'm sure we're going to have a good time here. I read that their Happy Hour promos are the bomb so I hope we can take the time to go on a happy hour spree here.

Bridgette Bar is located at 739 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0B3, Canada

There you go, my very own list of 4 great restaurants to try in Calgary. Well, it's more of like my Calgary Foodie Bucket List, don't you think so? 

We might be exploring some jobs there, too. I know there are opportunities for us in Calgary. Since I have relatives there already, we are seriously thinking about it. Probably my next list will be a round-up of Calgary Homes for Sale. I'll give you an update on that.

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