Going Through This COVID-19 Life As A "Backliner"

When this global pandemic started to get serious, we have become acquainted with the term, "frontliner." The word is self-explanatory. It's addressed to people who are on the front lines of this global emergency. They are our doctors, nurses, and hospital workers. They are our policemen, military, barangay workers, and community volunteers. They are the media people, drivers, supermarket employees, and vendors. But I guess, you didn't know that there are also people like us, the "backliners."

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

The Day I Became a Backliner 

Let me first give you a quick background on what I was doing before COVID-19 seriously hit the country.

I miss the tech booth where I and my son would normally be every Sunday at The Feast Taytay.

I started blogging in 2005, served in the Media and Events Ministry of The Feast Rizal from 2012, and have been accepting digital marketing gigs every now and then. I have this knack for learning Internet and social media stuff and I can learn quickly IF given the time. But then, everyone who knows me can guarantee you that free time is always a luxury for me. 

Our church leaders knew we'll have to close when things go out of hand. And it happened on the 3rd Sunday of March, the day I formally became our church's "backliner." Priests would often say that the Catholic Church's frontliners are the church volunteers who make daily online masses possible.  Our Feast leaders tell us that we're like that, too. But we prefer to be called the "backliners" because we're still in our homes streaming masses, worship sessions, and talk videos. 

Helping Bring The Church To Every Home

We are members of the Catholic prayer community founded by Bro. Bo Sanchez, the Light of Jesus Family. Every week in our Feast center in Taytay, we would hear the Holy Mass, then have a praise and worship session, and then the preacher's inspiring talk for the week. 

My "tech booth" at home. 

When the government ordered churches to close with the implementation of the Enhanced Community Quarantine  (ECQ), we had to comply. But of course, we can't totally close the church! Not now. Not in a time when people have to be assured that God is in control. 

Our local church is still closed to people. But even praying outside its doors is already refreshing for me.

I knew how to do a Livestream. We were already streaming our sessions on our Facebook page. But those were live sessions and I haven't even explored the many features of the Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) that we were using. In short, my knowledge was very basic. But I had to learn everything almost overnight. Now, I can even use OBS with Streamyard, another streaming service that we now use.

We held online talk shows to inspire our members to hang on and have faith that this shall pass.

Another challenge that came was editing worship videos. In our church, my ministry is one of those with a few members. My current co-members only knew tasks that we were doing during a live Feast session at our venue. We have Production people, a group of photographers, and some graphic designers. But we only had one video editor. Video editing tasks were seldom, anyway, so it wasn't a problem before. 

Guess what? Editing one worship video takes almost a day!

When our church was closed, I had to edit all the videos from the worship to the talk.  I had to since I was the only one with all the resources to do so. Don't get me wrong.  I am ok with it. It's always a privilege for me to be of service to the Lord.

Our virtual broadcast studio on Streamyard when my husband preached LIVE and I and our niece were backstage operating the Livestream. 

Since then, our home became our Media Ministry Headquarters. I subscribed to a Zoom licensed account so we can have regular and longer video calls with our church members. We now do our Light  Group meetings online. We even have our daily Rosary prayers over Zoom. Even our elders were challenged to learn how to do video conferencing and Facebook messaging! It warmed my heart to witness how everyone did their part to keep up with technology because of this crisis.

Our Couples Group meets online daily at 6pm to pray the Rosary.

Spreading Cheer at Madam Academy

A month into the quarantine, negative news of the COVID-19 pandemic got through me and made me depressed. Now I know better. Watching COVID-19-related news and being overworked with ministry tasks is always a bad combination. Not being able to go out also added to the unhappy feelings I had.  I got anxious about the future. Ito na lang ba 'yun? Ganito na ba tayo lagi? 

First time for our family to pray via Zoom for my Papa's death anniversary. Normally, we would meet at the cemetery and have dinner after. 

I couldn't help to think of how bad the coming days can be. I missed my mom, siblings, nephews, and nieces. I missed my friends. I miss my spiritual family. But the Lord has been faithful and, little by little, I filled my love tank with words from the Scripture and from our prayer community.

If it can happen to me, how much more to people who have fewer resources? Or people who have fewer friends? Or people who don't belong to a community such as mine? I realized I can do something more beyond my ministry tasks. I felt that I can inspire and make other people outside my circle happy by using the Livestreaming tools that I have at my disposal. 

And so, my weekly online show, Madam Academywas born. Why the name? Well, the young people I mentor in church were the ones who started calling me Madam instead of Tita.  Before I knew it, everyone was calling me Madam, LOL! I finally embraced it and used it in my new brand of ministry -- teaching practical life lessons with humor! 

So every Sunday at 8PM, I become Madam and go online along with my "students,"  Lavigna, Ang Pabibang Inggitera, Beckyahhh, and Sarah, Ang Munting Bakekang, If you're a Pinoy born in the '90s era, you will recognize that their names come from the characters of the anime and movie,  Sarah ang Munting Prinsesa 

Our first episode was shown last Mother's Day and we have been streaming weekly ever since. Our following has grown and the comments that we receive on our shows are always inspiring. I know we're doing something good by spreading cheer and making people happy. So yeah, this is a shameless plug! Watch us every Sunday on facebook.com/MadamAcademy. 😝

By the way, I also started to host LIVE videos on my Facebook page and YouTube channel. Just recently, I hosted a discussion with my good friend, Iris Pulga of Pinoy Home Learning, about Independent Homeschooling because I made a survey and a lot of my followers wanted to know more details about it. 

Bloom Where You Are Planted

I thank God for our Feast community that always fills me with practical life lessons based on Scriptures. Please allow me to share a bit with you because I know that you will also be inspired immensely by this.

The Bible verse, Jeremiah 29:11, is so popular that a lot of Christians would quote this when asked about their favorite verse and it says,

"For I know the plans I have for you,’ says the LORD.
‘They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.’" 

But only a few would know and understand the meaning of verses 5 to 7:

"This is what the LORD of Heaven’s Armies, the God of Israel, says to all the captives he has exiled to Babylon from Jerusalem:  ‘Build homes and plan to stay. Plant gardens, and eat the food they produce.    Marry and have children. Then find spouses for them so that you may have many grandchildren. Multiply! Do not dwindle away!  And work for the peace and prosperity of the city where I sent you into exile. Pray to the LORD for it, for its welfare will determine your welfare.’ ..."

Through Jeremiah, the Lord told His people to hang on and prosper even when they were going through a huge crisis. I believe this is also God's message for me and for you today. Let's bloom where we are planted right now and make the most out of this bad situation. 

Probably you now have more time to learn a new skill! Well, guess what? I learned how to cut my husband's hair through a YouTube tutorial!

Or you can probably make a business out of your passion for cooking. My son has been experimenting in the kitchen and he now makes the best kimchi ever! 

We now know how to make our own kimchi!

Whatever it is, let's strive to move forward and rock this new normal!

We now go out for quick errands with complete anti-COVID-19 gear, of course!

As for me, I shall continue to become our Church's "backliner" as long as I need to. It is my hope and prayer that you who are reading this will also be inspired to prosper in this time of crisis. We will all get through this. This shall pass. Kapit lang, makakaraos din.

Write to Ignite Blogging Project

This story is an entry to ComCo Southeast Asia’s “Write to Ignite Blogging Project.” The initiative is a response to the need of our times, as every story comes a long way during this period of crisis. Igniting and championing the human spirit, “Write to Ignite Blog Project” aims to pull and collate powerful stories from the Philippine blogging communities to inspire the nation to rise and move forward amidst the difficult situation. This project is made possible by ComCo Southeast Asia, co-presented by Eastern Communications and sponsored by Electrolux, Jobstreet, and Teleperformance

How are you doing right now? Do you also have an inspiring COVID-19 story to share? I'd love to read about it in the comments!


  1. Ang hirap din po pala ng ginagawa nyo mga backliner now mas naintindihan ko na hirap nyo sa pag kukuha ng live na misa tuwing linggo kaya sana pag pray natin maging ok na ulit ang bumalik na ulit sa dati ang buong mundo..☺️☺️🙏🙏🙏 salute ako sa mga kagaya nyong Frontliner at Backliner godbless sainyo lahat..

  2. Ang hirap din po pala ng ginagawa nyo mga backliner now mas naintindihan ko na hirap nyo sa pag kukuha ng live na misa tuwing linggo kaya sana pag pray natin maging ok na ulit ang bumalik na ulit sa dati ang buong mundo..☺️☺️🙏🙏🙏 salute ako sa mga kagaya nyong Frontliner at Backliner godbless sainyo lahat..

  3. Mula ng nagkacovid 19 sa pilipinas nagkaroon talaga ako ng takot, di para sa sarili ko kundi para sa mga anak ko. I am a mom of three kids, masyado pa silang bata para sa mga ganitong pangyayare , di sila magkapag enjoy bilang bata dahil sa pandemic na nararanasan ng ating bansa.Natakot ako sa mga pwede pang mangyare paano yung buhay namin sa mga susunod pa na mga araw bilang isang tricycle driver ang aking asawa.Mula ng nag ECQ tigil lahat ng trabaho exept yung mga WFH so wala din talaga kaming income.1 buwan we survive dahil kahit papaano naman may naitabi kami pero nung mga sumunod na mga araw pahirap na ng pahirap nalubog na sa utang dahil nagdidiaper at gatas pa din ang aking dalawang maliit na anak.Kaya kinailangan na gumawa ng paraan.Nagtry ako mag online selling ng home made kimchi kuya ko ang nagawa ako nag aalok sa mga tao, nagtry din ako ng mga suka at yema spread na pwedeng itinda ok naman nung una pero dahil wala na din silang ibili nagstop na din ako magtinda.Niraket ko naman mga online giveaways ayun awa ng Dyos nananalo kaya nakakaraos.Sa ngayon GCQ na ang lugar namin kaya kahit papaano nakakapag tricycle na ang mister ko bumabangon ulit kami sa crisis na ito at hindi namin nakakalimutang magpasalamat sa Panginoon dahil hindi nya kami pinabayaan kaya naniniwala talaga ako na God will Provide.Laking pasasalamat ko talaga sa Panginoon dahil pinapanatili niyang malulusog ang aking pamilya.Napakaswerte ko na walang nagkakasakit sa amin,dun palang blessed na ako.Laban lang pilipinas matatapos din ang pandemic na ito at ang lahat ay babalik sa normal.Malalampasan at makakayanan natin ito.

    1. Hello, Jeny Mei! Congratulations! Isa ka sa makakatanggap ng consolation prizes sa aking munting pa-giveaway for commenters. Message mo ako sa Mauie, The 24-Hour Mommy Facebook page para makuha ko ang G-Cash or Paymaya number mo. :)

  4. Noong nag umpisa ang ECQ nawalan ako ng pasok hanggang ngayon sa pinapasukan kong call center at first mahirap kasi sanay ako sa work ko, yung nakasanayan mo gawin sa araw-araw tapos mababago.May mga news na nakakapagpalungkot talaga lalo na halos every week padami ng padami ang nagkakasakit at namamatay. Marami din ang unti-unti nang nagkakaproblema sa pagkain, pangangailangan sa pang araw-araw, pati mga gatas at diaper para sa mga bata, ilan lang yan sa nabalitaan ko sa paligid ko. Sinabi ko sa sarili ko papaano ba ako makakatulong? Kasi kahit naman papaano nasa mabuti pa din naman akong sitwasyon, pero hindi puwedeng nakaupo lang ako at hindi matatapos ang lahat sa ganung pangyayari na lang. Tutal naman promonatics ako at mahilig sumali sa mga games sa Facebook. Ito na yung ginawa kong way para makasali at manalo. Positive mind lang panlaban ko basta alam kong makakatulong ang gagawin ko susubok ako at hindi naman ako nagkamali nagkatsansang magkapera at kahit papaano may sobra din na natanggap ako sa sahod ko. Alam ko kahit hindi kalakihan malayo naman mararating nitong tulong. Ginawa ko ay humingi din ako ng tulong sa mga kaibigan ko na medyo mayroon. Hindi ko naman lahat mabibigyan kaya idinaan na lang namin sa patiktok games may mga sumali naman at lahat naman sila ay nagkapremyo. Masarap lang sa pakiramdam na kahit papaano nakatulong ako ng kunti para may pambili sila ng makakain,gatas at diaper. Ngayon ang ginagawa naman namin habang patuloy ako sumasali sa mga pa games sa fb ay tumutulong kami sa online business ni mama na mga ibat ibang gawa sa Tuna kagaya ng siomai tuna,sisig tuna,tocino tuna etc. healthy na at masarap pa. Kaya walang rason para huminto dahil may covid. Tuloy na tuloy pa din ang pag-asa sa buhay. Kailangan mo lang madevelop yun ng buong tiyaga at tiwala.

    1. Hello, Nina! Congratulations! Isa ka sa makakatanggap ng consolation prizes sa aking munting pa-giveaway for commenters. Message mo ako sa Mauie, The 24-Hour Mommy Facebook page para makuha ko ang G-Cash or Paymaya number mo. :)


  6. Wow Momsh, grabe you are spiritual strong and driven! Thanks for the amazing work esp bringing closer to people ang church esp the Holy mass. Di nga din biro video editing. Salute sa team nyo po.
    Same po tayo na anxious about the future but sooner, if we'll try to look on the positive side sa current status natin and by looking on our frontliners and even backliners ( thanks for the added info ) , 💯 mas mananaig ang love natin sa buhay at pamilya.

  7. Hello mommy mauie flores, ngayong covid19 ay sobrang hirap lalo sa katulad
    kung isang singlemom na may tatlong anak na maliliit pa. matinding CRISIS
    ang ngayari sa buong mundo. Maraming pamilyang nagugutom. Nawawalan ng
    tirahan. At naghihirap. Dito sasagi sa ating kaisipan na dapat pala ay
    meron tayong tinatagong ipon, para sakaling may pangangailangan tayo ay
    meron tayong pang huhugutang ipon. Sana tumatak sa bawat kaisipan ng mga
    tao ang ganitong pangyayare at sana ay matuto ding mag ipon. COVID19 CRISIS
    ay hindi biro laging tatandaan. Kapag MAY ISINUKSOK ay may MAHUHUGOT
    salamat po.

  8. Salute sa mga backliners!! Nakakainspire talaga ginagawa mo eversince. Kahit wala pang Covid19. Kaya kapag need ko support, sayo ako lumalapit, malakas kapit e... Pero natutuwa talaga ako sa mga ginagawa nyo especially ung Madam Academy. Lakas makabawas ng stress. Kaya nga di ako umaabsent. And ung Live interviews mo, very helpful talaga. Magaganda ang topic...

  9. Ito na po yung naranasan NG lahat NG tao ang pangamba, hirap at pagsasakripisyo lalong lalo na ang mga front liners.. Simula naglockdown Di po ko kmi makalabas at wla din trabaho asawa ko nun sobrang hirap NG naranasan ko nun at nagiisip din ako sa pamilya ko nun nasa Bacoor, dahil wla din sila work nun naglalaba at nag construction ang hanap Buhay NG tatay ko nun.. Thank god pa din dahil wlang nanyari sa mga pamilya ko wla po silang sakit.. Sana mapansin mo po mensahe ko un lng po salamat god bless I pray na mawala na ang Covid19 na magkaroon na n malaya ang buong pilipinas at ibang bansa salamat po

  10. Sobrang hirap po lalo at my anak aqng maliit na ngdede sa bote to da point na wala km ibilI ng gatas nya pati pagkain nmin hirap po kmi

  11. This COViD-19 Pandemic was an eye opener. We were reminded of what really is important and what we really need in our lives. I know a lot of people is worried, afraid and unsure of what the future holds but there is hope, answer and a bright one ahead. We should start thriving and never lose faith. God is always with us, looking after us and have plans for us, great plans.

  12. Sa loob ng 3buwan lockdown ang dami ko natutunan at naranasan , hindi ko alam panu kame nakaraos ng buong pamilya ko god will provide us tlga . Naging aral smen tong ngyari nakelangan meron kang ipon meron kang tabi ng pagdating sa ganito my magagamit . 3buwan walang trabaho ndi pa ganun nakakarecover dhil ang daming natambak na bayarin pero dahil may diyos tayo dun kame kumakapit naniniwala na malalagpasan ntn to ndi lang nman piro masama ngyari ngaun ecq maraming natutunan ang tao kung pano pangalagaan ang sarili palakasin ang kalusugan maging aware sa mga ngyyri sa mundo nagpapasalamat ako sa diyos na ndi kame pinabayaan kaya laban lng kapit lang thiNk positive lang matatapos dn to . Masasanay dn tayo sa newnormal bsta be safe always wear a mask observe physical distancing wag lalabas kung ndi knkailangan 😍

  13. Salute po sa lahat ng backliners na hindi masyado nabibigyan ng pansin.Super hirap din po ng ginagawa nila! Thank you ms.Maui dahil dito sa blog mo nalaman namin yung hirap na ginagawa ng mga backliners na tulad mo. Ganun pala un kahirap ng preparations bago mag live ang ng priest no , clueless ako dun.And I love your being Madam in Madam Academy sa totoo lang lagi talaga ako nood ng episode nyo, minsan hindi sa live but in replay nood ako aliw na aliw din kasi ako sa mga pakulo nyo at syempre dagdag learnings while enjoying sa mga aral ng buhay. Madam academy yung bumubuo ng gabi ko every Sunday tawa lang ng tawa plus in the end may papremyo pa.Thank you Madam for keeping us inspired by your blog. Dami mo palang ganap sa buhay.Goodluck and Godbless keep safe always

  14. Hi 24-hour mommy! 2020 has been especially hard on us humans, and it's been an emotional roller coaster journey since then. But this I can say, my faith has become stronger! 🙏

    I can't say that I've finally settled in a comfortable routine but I could say that I'm getting there. One of the things that I learned this pandemic is paying attention to my own physical, emotional and psychological needs. Though, staying at home makes it harder for me to let go of my boundary problems but I know that there's a lot of opportunity to learn and grow. I just have to open my eyes and see it.

    Taking care of mentally ill siblings 24/7 is just emotionally draining but I'm glad I have been chosen to love them and to witness God's graces to them and those who are deemed hopeless by our society.😊

    As a creative person, there were times that I'm doubling down on my craft and I can't seem to have energy to create art. That's when I started to evaluate myself and learned that it's OKAY to pause and rest and come back with a refreshed mind.

    Overall, I'm doing great. I'm blessed beyond words. I took a social media break and I realize that I'm doing better without it.

    More power, Madam! ❤❤❤❤

    1. Kaya ka pala nawala! Hinahanap ka namin ni baks kasi kukumustahin namin si Britney aka Aera! HAHA! Namiss ko kayong dalawa! Huggggss!

    2. Hahahahaha! miss you too baks! Si Aera grabe ang laki laki na niya atsaka ang kulet, sobrang clingy! Hehehehe.

      Thank you ulet baks for trusting me to take care of her. ☺ See you soon! 😘

    3. Hello, Maan! Congratulations! Isa ka sa makakatanggap ng consolation prizes sa aking munting pa-giveaway for commenters. Message mo ako sa Mauie, The 24-Hour Mommy Facebook page para makuha ko ang G-Cash or Paymaya number mo. :)

  15. Your tasks are like icebergs. They may look plain on top but the base is way bigger than one can imagine.
    I honor you, Sis. Maui for your strong will. You keep going on despite challenges. Indeed, your love for service (this is your spiritual gift, wow!) is very strong and is beyond compare :) You keep on pouring what you have so I pray that God fills you, overflows you, with his protection, blessing and love :) Keep going, Sis Maui. We got your back (as cheerers! hihi). Love you!

  16. Good pm Sa ngayon almost 4 months na ang Covid aminin natin na sobra hirap dahil hindi ka makahanapbuhay ng maayos kahit may income na pumapasok mailalabas mo din dahil sa mga pangangailangan mo natin.Pero salamat sa Diyos kahit ganito ang nangyayari nakakaraos pa din alam ko may layunin ang Diyos at ito ay makakabuti sa atin.Babalik din sa normal ang lahat.Dahil si Lord lamang ang nakakaalam ng lahat ng Bagay.Magtiwala lamang tayo sa kanya.Amen.

  17. Days before they officially announced lockdown, our management team decided for us to WFH. Nagaalala ako pero feeling ko mas excited ako kasi makakasama ko na araw-araw pamilya ko. Iba pa rin kasi kapag lagi mo silang nakikita. Nagrerent lang kasi ako ng space near our office para iwas traffic.

    At first, nanibago ako sa process ng work na hindi mo nakikita yung mga workmates mo. Mahirap yon lalo na kung ang type of work mo requires collaboration with your team members. Hindi siya time efficient. Idagdag mo na yung mabagal na internet! Nakakaloka yung stress na naidadagdag niya sa'kin.

    But since we all wanted to survive, pinilit kong magadapt sa environment (hindi naman pwedeng mag aircon magdamag) at sa process. Yung internet, ipinapasa-Diyos ko na. Tinanggap ko na siya as "things that I can't control" Hahahaha! Since walang ibang net provider.

    LDR kami ni KH. Pahabaan ng pasensya sa situation. And constant communication is the key pero bawal muna away. (uy mahirap to gawin ah!) Huhuhaha

    Dami kong realization ngayong pandemic. Yung makasabay mo pamilya mong kumain (the best pa rin ang lutong bahay!) at manuod ng Netflix (kdrama if life) malaking bagay na yon. As much as possible I talk to my crazy friends to keep my sanity at ikaw din baka kailangan ka nila. Congratulations! Natuto ako magluto dahil sa Covid. Lastly, I realized the value of service kaya I still serve the community as usual pero iba nga lang ang set up. Part kasi ng selfcare ang constant communication kay Lord. Kung kailangan natin magpafacial para laging healty ang skin, mas kailangan natin magpray para laging healthy ang soul!


  18. Grabe Madam! Andami kong exposure sa post na to ah, kinilig ako! CHAR HAHAHAHA!

    Akoooo... dumami bigla time ko kasi bawal lumabas eh. Hahahaha. Pero kahit nasa loob ng bahay, pwede pa rin maging productive. Though, 1 year na akong WFH kaya hindi na bago sa akin, mas marami pa rin akong nagagawa right now. May time na ako magworkout ng mga 1 hour. Nagtake ako ng Nihonggo classes online. Nakakapagstream ako (tayo) sa Madam Academy. Di ako nale-late sa pag-attend ng misa (kasi online na + online servant din haha!). Mas lalo akong nahahasa mag-edit ng videos. Nakapag-cross stitch na nga din ako eh. HAHAHAHA! Then recently, gumagawa kami ng Broadway song covers ng friends ko from theater (kahit na di naman ako magaling kumanta, wapakels!). Na-realize kong mas busy pala ako ngayong nagkaroon ng COVID kesa noon.

  19. Sarah ang Munting BakekangJune 30, 2020 at 7:25 PM

    Wow may exposure ako!😊

    So ayun na nga..

    During ECQ tuloy tuloy ang operation sa office namin. Everyday pumapasok ako ng may takot kasi hindi ko nakikita ang kalaban. Ang fear ko nun ay baka mamaya carrier na pala tapos mahawaan ko pa ang mga kasama ko sa bahay. But God is good, He keeps us safe from harm. 😊

    1. Kamusta naman ilong mo? Di naman nag-nosebleed? Daming English eh. 😆

  20. Lahat tayo may pinag dadaanang hirap ngayon sa panahon ng Pandemic nasa sa atin na paano haharapin at malaking tulong din talaga sa mga SAHM na katulad ko ang may nakukuhaan ng idea at tatag sa araw araw nakaka depress na. Sana bumalik na sa dati at mag karoon ng vaccine. Magtulungan tayong bawat isa at manalangin. Salamat at napapangiti mo ako lalo na sa tuwing may live session ka.

  21. Nung new year, nagdasal at humiling pa ko kay Lord na sana maging maganda Ang taong 2020. Hindi kasi gaano naging maganda ang 2019 sakin. Pero sa panimulang buwan pa lamang ng Enero ay marami na agad na hindi magandang balita. Tulad ng mga nagkalat na sakit ng baboy, pagkamatay ni Kobe Bryant, pagputok ng bulkang taal, at ngayon nga ay itong corona virus. Pinaka malala talaga itong epidemya, dahil marami na ang nabawian ng buhay. Nagpapasalamat ako sa Diyos na safe ang pamilya ko.
    Nung nagsimula ang lockdown (March 15), nawalan ng trabaho ang mga magulang ko. Masaklap dahil no work, no pay sila. May dalawa akong anak at single parent ako. Kaya kinabahan ako na mawawalan na ng panggastos ang mga anak ko, at syempre ay wala rin kaming pangkain.
    Sa awa ng Diyos, nabuhay ng dahil sa ayuda. Salamat sa aming baranggay na namigay ng food packs kada paglipas ng dlwang linggo. Tapos hingi ng tulong sa mga kamag anak para makaraos. Sinubukan ko rin mag online selling para kahit papano ay may kitain.
    Thankful parin ako kahit papano dahil napahinga sa pagttrabaho ang mga magulang ko. Ramdam ko na pagod na rin sila kakatrabaho para samin ng mga anak ko at kapatid ko. Nawalan man sila ng kita at naubos ang ipon, at least safe kaming lahat sa bahay at nagkaroon ng bonding sa isa't isa. Madalas, kaming tatlo lang ng mga anak ko ang naiiwan sa bahay, dun nila nakita yung hirap ko sa pag aalaga at pag aasikaso sa dalawang anak ko. Dun nila ako naintindihan na mahirap ang kalagayan ko. Mahirap din Ang dinanas namin habang lockdown, matinding pagtitipid para di kapusin.
    Ako ang iniisip ko nalang, may plano ang Diyos para sa ating lahat. Ang lahat ng pangyayari ay may dahilan. Nagdadasal ako palagi na sana matapos na ang paghihirap ng lahat. Sana maging mapayapa na ulit ang mundo.

    1. Hello, Mary Rose! Congratulations! Isa ka sa makakatanggap ng consolation prizes sa aking munting pa-giveaway for commenters. Message mo ako sa Mauie, The 24-Hour Mommy Facebook page para makuha ko ang G-Cash or Paymaya number mo. :)

  22. This pandemic taught us lots of life lessons,i admire your service in the Lord po,i know being a backliner was never been easy,but with the help og God all things made possible.The Lord use you backliner's to bring His word to His people,to redeem what was lost,to give hope to the hopeless,to give love unconditionaly.You bring people more closer to God through the use of online,and yes this pandemic won't stop us doing it for the Lord,thank God for the wisdom na binigay sa kagaya niyo,lalo na sa panahon ngayon mas kailangan natin si Lord,di lang ngayon but buong buhay natin,because we are nothing in this world without Him.Salute to all of you,your service in the Lord will not be in vane,continue with what your doing,and dami pang taong mabibless,God bless you all po.

  23. Yung pagiging backliners parang pagiging frontliners dn ndi man sumasabak upang masugpo ang krisis pero ang backliners ay nagiisip dn para mging productive ang buhay at ndi mastress sa mga nagyayari .

  24. Time before lockdown dito sa pilipinas marami ng balita sa tv radio sosocial media about covid 19.may mga fake news at meron ding yung fakenews naging totoo. First panatag ako na di naman lalala ng ganito ang dumating ng virus dahil nga sa dinadami na ng dumaan na virus dito sa atin di naman umabot ng ganito. At yun na nga dumating ang araw na ang isang taong carrier ng covid ay ngayun thousands of filipinos na at may namamatay nadin.dumating ang araw ng lockdown no work no pay ,napakahirap na sa twing iiyakan ka ng anak mo dahil gusto nya ng ice cream ay di mu maibigya dhil wala kang kita pero lahat kinakaya at kahit anong hirap di kami pinabayaan ni lord kasi may mga taong tumolong sa amin para mairaos ang pang everyday needs namin. Thank you din sa panginoon dahil nilayo nya kami sa sakit at sana matapos na ang pandemyang ito para bumalik na ulit sa normal ang mundo

  25. Sa awa ng Panginoon Diyos ok naman ako,at ang buo kung pamilya,sa kabila ng pandemic at crisis na kinakaharap natin ngayon,hindi parin kami pinabayaan ng maykapal..malulusog ang mga anak at asawa ko,syempre pati ako,working mam kasi ako..Mahirap ang mga pangyayari ngayon,di ko lubos maisip,kung bakit tayo nagkakaganito😢hindi lang isang bansa ang apektado,kundi buong mundo talaga😭.iwan ko kung parusa ito,o talagang napapanahon lang para mangyari ito. Natatakot po ako,para sa mga anak ko,at syempre para sa lahat ng mga taong nakakasalamuha ko araw araw.bilang isan ina at bilang kasambahay masakit isipin na dapat sa panahon ngayun kasama mo ang pamilya mo,pero ako ito,malayo sa mga anak at asawa ko😭at nagtitiis sa lungkot.. Pero isa po ang pinaka magandang bagay na nangyari sa buhay ko ngayon, yun ay mas lalo pa akung napalapit sa Panginoon,siya po ang naging sandalan at lakas ko po,sa panahong nahihirapan ako,kung papaano ko ipapadala ang pera pang gatas ng mga anak ko.. Mas naging matatag pa po ako,at naging mas malakas ka ang pananalangin at kapit ko sa maykapal..Totoo ngang buhay ang Diyos,hindi man natin sya makita,nakikita naman natin ang mga melagrong kaya nyang gawin...sana po ay gabayan tayung lahat ng Diyos,at sana din po ay matapos na ang pandimyang ito...sa ngalan ni Hesus amen...

    We heal as one

  26. It was so inspiring stories mommy.Praying is the best solution for anything happens in our life...God dont punish us but just to learn us.learn to look and feel for ur love ones,bcos nowadays bfre the covid19 all people busy working,enjoy and busy.This tragedy mke us realize dont let the time run just like that.try to hug ur family,friends or relatives maybe we dont know they need that too..Second god want us go bck to him,many people even me and I will not lie for that.That sometimes we forget him,we frgt say thanks to him,we frgt say sorry to him,we frgt talk to him...This pandemic is a big lesson to all of us that we must not ignore.Before I can help my husbnd for the budget in the home,bfre I can bring my children outsde,bfre I can eat anything...now I learn too much..learn to tke cre my family,learn to budget our savings..so mny things..Every happenings in our life hve a reason....you just hve to coupt with it...

  27. Until now , di parin ako makapaniwala na nangyayari lahat ng ito sa buong mundo 😓. Akala ko sa mga palabas lang , yun pala pwede rin mangyari sa totoong buhay .
    Well , nagpapasalamat parin ako dahil sa loob ng mahigit tatlong buwan , ay di kami/tayo pinabayaan ng ating diyos. Madami din kaming natutunan ng dahil sa pandemya , nagkaroon ng oras sa pamilya , natutong matipid , natutong dumiskarte para lamang makaraos sa pang araw-araw . Nawa'y matapos na at mabalik na sa dati ang lahat.

  28. Masasabe qo po na kht papanu po ay ok kami nang family qoh. .wlang may sakit un po ang mahalaga sa panahon na to. .at god is good. .god is a provider. .kc nung kasagsagan nang ecq. .isa po ang asawa qo sa no work no pay. .tapos wala pang sap. .masasabe qo na hindi kami pinabayaan nang diyos. .may mga tao sha na ginabayan nya ginawayang daan para makatulong sa mga tulad namin na hirap sa buhay. .may nakilala po aq na mag asawa. .na sa kapals moks qo po humingi aq nang kunting tulong. .at hanggang ngaun po. .nag bibigay pa rin po sila nang tulong. .kaya ok na po kami kht papanu. .at magiging ok din po tayong lahat. .kapit lang sa diyos at manalig tayo na di nya tayo pababayaan. .

  29. Salute po sa lahat ng backliners .Sa totoo lang po hindi po ako,kami okay .Yong takot at pangamba ko sa pamilya ko lalo na sa mga anak ko ,lalo hanggang ngayon lalong dumadami ang cases.At hanggang ngayon po hindi pa rin nakakabalik ng trabaho si mister ko dahil nagbawas ng tao company nila at napasama sya ,hihintay pa ng call kung kelan sya makabalik no work no pay din sya .Mahirap po pero kinakaya namin para sa mga anak namin,Si mister ko pumasok sya ng construction para lang may panggastos kami sa pang araw araw thankful sa kanya dahil gumagawa sya ng paraan ,ako naman nag oonline selling ako para may pandagdag income .Sa kabila ng crisis na ito ang daming natutunan ko unang una kailangan laging may savings,matutong magtipid,mas mahalaga ang pamilya kesa sa anumang bagay,mahalaga ang kalusugan .Nawalan man ng trabaho si mister ko mas nagiging matibay kaming dalawa na magtulungan at harapin na magkasama ang crisis na ito at hindi kami nawawalan ng pag asa na matatspos din ito at babalik sa normal ang lahat ,Magtiwala lang at laging magdasal.

    1. Hello, Dhel! Congratulations! Isa ka sa makakatanggap ng consolation prizes sa aking munting pa-giveaway for commenters. Message mo ako sa Mauie, The 24-Hour Mommy Facebook page para makuha ko ang G-Cash or Paymaya number mo. :)

  30. Ay sobra higpit lockdown dito! As in chinecheck kung may karapatan ka (or bayad multa) kasi pag walang papel, bawal lumabas. So far, naaawa ako sa mga alaga ko kasi nga hindi sila namamasyal kaya nagtiyaga sila sa bakuran na sila lang magkakapatid naglalaro.

  31. I don’t like the lockdown. We can’t go out to shop or just visit parks. Our weekly swim classes were cancelled. It’s like you’re in a compartment just to keep you safe. I have eczema so washing hands with soap meant following up with hand cream. It’s so tedious. Even if it’s hard for us, I don’t want my immunocompromised mum to get sick so I do what I can to keep her safe.

  32. Most people don’t like the lockdown here. My dada is a frontliner and he’s got too many overtimes just because he’s making medicine for very sick people in the hospital. We don’t see him often even on weekends. But I’m happy we get first dibs when shopping and we didn’t go hungry or empty handed during it. We also got to spend alot of time in the yard with my sisters which we almost don’t do because of school. I am just thankful none of us got sick.

  33. You are such an inspiration mommy Mauie to a lot of us. Not to easily give up. I salute you for doing all of these. As a backliner to your ministry, as a host in Madam Academy and many more. There are also trials that may come your way but always remember that God will never give these trials that we cannot survive.

    I am also experiencing a lot of problems these past months. My partner lost his job because of loses in the company. Three months of no work no pay. I am always thinking at night about the future. If we can still have something to eat the next day. I think of ways how to survive. I sell foods like maruya, kutsinta, puto, yema cake, mango tapioca, cheese sticks and many more. I also sell face masks and other stuffs online. I am also selling frozen foods. I am very thankful to those who supports my small business. I am still thankful because we survive our everyday living. God always provides us more than we could ask for. I never lose hope. This shall pass soon. We will be back to normal. In God's perfect time.

  34. Last January , umingay sa social media at tv news about this pandemic. At first, binabalewala lang namin ito dahil hamak na manunuod lang naman kami. The next month ,eto yung nagpa gimbal sa buong mundo lalo na sa Pilipinas dahil ang sakit na dati ay napapanuod lang natin ay unti unti nang nararanasan ng mga Pilino. Unang buwan ng ECQ, sobrang hirap na agad naranasan namin. Minimum wage earner lang si Hubby, nangungupahan din at may anak din na pinapa gatas , hindi ko maimagine na 1 buwan mawawalan sila ng trabaho, at sa kasamaang palad hanggang ngayon ay wala parin sila trabaho. Walang balita galing sa kumpanya nila kung magpapasok pa ba sila o hindi na. Gabi gabi bago matulog, tinitingnan ko yung anak ko ,iniisip ko kung ano ang susunod na mangyayari sa amin kapag tumagal pa ang pandemic nato, kaya napag isip isip namin na umuwi nalang kami ng probinsya para doon pansamantala magtrabaho si Hubby makaraos lang sa pang araw araw. Nagpapasalamat kami dahil sa Tito/Tita nya na tumutulong sa pangkain namin araw araw dito sa Maynila,kundi dahil sa kanila baka nasa kalye nalang kami ngayon at namamalimos.
    Lesson learned ko ,Mag ipon. Sobrang laki ng pagkakamali ko na hindi ako nag ipon at umasa sa sinasahod ng asawa ko. Zero talaga kami simula nung nag ECQ dahil kahit piso wala kaming ipon. Kapalan ang mukha, wag mahiyang humingi ng tulong sa kamag anak, dahil sila at sila lang din ang makakatulong natin buong buhay. Maswerte kami dahil tinutulungan kami ng mga kamag anak namin. Pangatlo, Magtiwala sa plano ng Diyos. Nagpapasalamat din ako dahil nakakakain pa rin kami ng sapat sa araw araw alam ko may plano ang Diyos sa kabila ng hindi magandang nangyayari sa mundo, pagsubok lang ito na dapat nating malampasan. May plano Siya, dapat lang tayong magtiwala. Salamat po.

    1. Hello, Mariya Wendy! Congratulations! Ang comment mo ang napiling Best Comment sa post ko! Message mo ako sa Mauie, The 24-Hour Mommy Facebook page para makuha ko ang G-Cash or Paymaya number mo. :)


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