Make The Most Out Of One Child's Bedroom

Many of you may be faced with a rather difficult task: how to put two children together in the same bedroom. Even if it is not something you do out of choice but out of necessity, there are some things you can do to organize it properly and avoid friction. Maybe you already have a child and are expecting a second and suddenly you find yourself having more children than… rooms! Be sure that you don’t clutter too much and if there is so much stuff, look at storage. You could look at a self storage facility

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Keep things neutral 

The wallpaper as we have said many times is an easy decorative solution for the walls of the house. The idea of ​​the wallpaper fits perfectly in the children's room as you can choose happy children's performances by putting color and playful mood. Depending on the sex of the baby, you choose the corresponding performances. However, it is preferable for the illustrations to be neutral so that you do not have to change with the arrival of a second child. Always declutter.
If another child of a different age lives in the same room or if you want a room to have a more neutral style, choose a not so childish wallpaper. Dress the perimeter of the room and paint the skirting, the decorative edging on the ceiling, or even the window frame in a more intense color. In the photo that follows, the ceiling has been painted in a pale shade of blue to reduce the intensity of white in the wallpaper. 

Create something yourself 

If you want to avoid using wallpaper you can easily make your own designs on the walls. Create your own design provided you are in the mood and of course it "catches" your hand. Make a bubble on a not-so-absorbent hard paper. It's a design that anyone can make because of its irregular shape. Carefully cut out the inside and use the paper as a stencil. Place the improvised stencil on the wall and with a small roller apply the color on top. If the base of the wall is in shades of blue then you will have made a wonderful cloudy sky! You can do the same with different designs provided you cut them correctly so that the stencil comes out as best as possible. 

Put wood on your ceiling

If you are a fan of nature and earth tones a clever idea will greatly change the interior of the room. Cover the ceiling with wooden planks. This will give you a very warm result. Wood is a natural material and will help balance the room temperature. It is very easy to install in a day. If you are dealing with constructions you can very easily install it yourself. Paint it with a colorless varnish to avoid closing the space with a dark shade. The result should be bright and warm.

Use stickers

If you want to integrate nature into your baby's room, you can find special wall stickers with trees, grass, and even animals. They stick and come off very easily while they will look like you have painted them. There are some that have a three-dimensional representation while some have a textured texture. In addition to the walls, they easily stick to the furniture and the bedroom door. They are economical and you can change the decoration very easily as your child grows up.

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