3 Things To Improve About Your Home Before Winter

Wow, we’re almost into the cold months of the year and everything just seems to have rushed to this point. What a year we’ve had, not so pleasant at all hey!? Well, while you’re sitting around the house, don’t become a prisoner in your own mind. Interior design is a wonderful escape, and it's something that we can all do and enjoy. While your home might be your humble abode of choice, there are always some things that could be improved, whether it be for style or practical purposes. Approach the improvement of your home, with an open mind and you could grow stylistically and as a housekeeper! 

Patio gateway 

The patio is something that is a mixture of both the inside and the outside. We are able to enjoy the garden and the weather, but we do so on hard ground, in a chair, and under shade. But the patio can lose it's magic if the gateway to it isn’t ominous or alluring. That’s why these amazing stacker doors are just the perfect improvement you need. They have a brilliant base design, which allows for three separate sheets of glass, to be framed and set into the channels which allow them to glide effortlessly, open and shut. Choose from timber or aluminum, and don’t be afraid to talk with the professionals who will build you this door, about style. They have a range of choices and will advise you as best they can. 


Curtains are unsung heroes

Curtains are an item of decor that doesn’t get enough praise for what they achieve. Not only do they add some very classic and chic style to your home, but they keep the warmth inside for as long as possible. Perhaps, changing up the style would be an improvement for your home, if they’re boring and straight. The box pleat is very common and drab, change it for the charming pinch pleat. If you have the eyelet style, replace it with the captivating goblet style instead. You should also change the fabric, from synthetics to velvet or satin. Be daring and look for a style that will make your curtains known to guests.

kitchen sink
Image courtesy of Pixabay


Making an island

The kitchen is where many of us have spent a lot of time in lockdown, unfortunately. But that has got us thinking, why not build a brand new island for your kitchen? Consider the following styles:
  • Wood - Walnut, cherry, mahogany, yew, or maple. All of the mentioned have glossy finishes, very dense layers, and great heat management. 
  • Quartz - An extremely popular material because it's so cheap to make but comes in so many different styles. It looks like marble but it's not, and it is very scratch-resistant. 
  • Marble - Ooh, now you’re talking! This material needs no introduction. It's very smooth, tough, and gleams in the ceiling lights.
Making improvements to your home is therapeutic because you’re making it more to your liking. Being surrounded by the things we enjoy and love, can only be a good thing for our mental health in these times.

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