How to be an influencer and the perks of being one

An influencer simply influences others' decisions. He or she is someone who has the authority over or trust of, a certain community or a group of people. 

In the field of influencer marketing, influencers are persons with the ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending the items on social media. They cause others, mostly their followers to make specific consumer decisions. 

Influencers such as bloggers and vloggers are involved in endorsements and product placements. They are tapped by brands because they have a purported expert level of knowledge or social influence in their field.

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How to become an influencer

Pick your niche.

Being a social media influencer isn't just about posting regularly on social media and blogs or vlogs and hoping that people will show interest in the products you choose to promote.

You can be a travel, a fashion, or foodie influencer, or a parenting-focused influencer – whatever niche you feel that will work for you and that you are passionate about.

Explore and choose the right social media platform.

Instagram has grown to be the star of influencer marketing but the granddaddy Facebook still performs well and it still claims dominance of the social market, with over 2.32 billion active users at the end of 2018. Nearly 66% of those users log in to their Facebook accounts daily. At the end of December 2018, Facebook claimed that they have 1.52 billion people who are daily active users.

Meanwhile, Instagram’s user base rose from 35% to 37% In 2019 and its active reported users have held steady around 1 billion people.

TikTok, which has around 800 million active users worldwide, is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms for influencers. It allows users to create short videos with music, filters, and other features. Tiktok influencers are also paving their own way to digital and social media marketing as brands and businesses start to use the platform for their marketing strategies.

Other platforms to consider are Twitter and Pinterest.

Partnering with an agency is an advantage.

Most of the successful influencers are handled by influencer marketing agencies that provide a variety of services such as, identifying the right influencers or content creators for a brand, and negotiating the rates with influencers on behalf of a brand.

An agency can help influencers connect with the right brand for their niche and they can be sure that their content is protected and that they are properly compensated.

The perks of being an influencer


There was a tremendous growth of bloggers and influencers seen in the past 2 years, with their social media account boasting with followers from hundreds of thousands up to a million.

In addition to being able to explore topics and brands, they are truly interested in, influencers enjoy a healthy work-life balance as they decide their own working hours. They are able to set their own schedule so they can still enjoy other things such as hobbies or business apart from making content.


One of the benefits of being an influencer is posting content – blog or vlog - he or she is thrilled about. Influencers, bloggers, or vloggers are getting paid to do what genuinely excites them. They are able to intertwine their love for creativity, content development, and storytelling along with brands that resonate with their lifestyle — while getting compensated.

Influencers are able to share the enthusiasm with big players in this new age of advertising. Their opinion is often respected by brands who hire them because their feedback is essential. Isn’t it thrilling to be a part of the ever-changing environment where strategies are constantly being tested? Isn’t it rewarding to have the creative liberty to provide input along the way?


Influencers are able to easily build and connect with a community of people from around the globe. Every influencer has its own group of followers or community, where they discuss their stories about specific topics and the hurdles they’ve experienced along the way. Building a dynamic, supportive micro-society in social media is soul-fulfilling. It’s amazing how influencers can easily connect with someone who isn’t on the same continent as them. An influencers platform is a place where they can do good while being paid for it.

Now, what kind of influencer you would like to be? In choosing your path as an influencer, there is only one rule: follow your heart.

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