5 Apps To Help Declutter Your House

Whether you’re moving home or simply looking to clean up, decluttering can help you to make space, make money and improve the ambience of your home. Clutter can make our homes appear smaller and even leave us feeling stressed out. What’s more, getting rid of clutter can help us to recycle and go-greener. When you’re ready to get on a decluttering mission, these five apps can help you out!


1. Shpock

With the Shpock app, it’s simple to sell items to those in your local area. When you create a Shpock listing, you can share on social media, helping you to generate more buyer interest. Shpock doesn’t charge fees for item listings, but you can pay a little extra to boost the visibility of your products. The app has been described as a ‘virtual flea market’, you can sell items in a range of categories including garden and home, used furniture, electronics, clothing, bikes and more! 

2. Motivated Moms

The Motivated Moms app is a ‘chore calendar system’, allowing you to break down your chores (so you still get some me time)! Using the app, you can assign chores to your family, check off completed tasks and create lists by room. Decluttering your home can take a long while, you’ll eventually end up with various categories of items, whether it’s items to sell, or items to put into storage. A Self Storage solution can be useful if you’re looking to make space, but you don’t necessarily want to get rid of anything.

3. Decluttr

With the Decluttr app, you can sell plenty of different items, including games, books, DVDs or tech. Once you’ve sold an item, the app even lets you send it for free! Features include barcode scanning, customer support, and a simple order management system. Decluttr doesn’t follow an auction selling format, which speeds up the process of selling your unwanted possessions.

4. Wallapop

Another great place to get rid of your old belongings. Wallapop allows you to sell in categories like sports equipment, cars, electronics, furniture, video games, kids toys and more. With Wallapop, there are no delivery charges or long-winded returns processes. By using Wallapop, you can put sustainably first and make some money at the same time!

5. Tody

Tody is an app which supports users to organize chores around the home. With Tody, you can create a plan and a checklist for each of your rooms, along with customized to-do-lists. Tody doesn’t rely on alarms and deadlines; instead, the app allows you to create a personalized cleaning schedule which works for you. Perhaps you’re sharing the chores with your family? If so, Tody lets you sync a cleaning plan across all of your devices.
Once you’ve decluttered your home, you’ll find that you feel more comfortable and relaxed in the space. Decluttering can also help us to consider our purchases in the future. Mindful shopping habits can help you and your family to create less waste.

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