Events or Occasions Which Deserve an Award

There is no better way to commemorate a special occasion or event than by handing out an award, which is a nice way to let someone know that they've done a great job. Presenting someone with an award provides a person with recognition, which also boosts morale, encourages positive behavior, and can be used to commemorate an anniversary or special occasion.

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People have been handing out different forms of awards for many, many years, which may include trophies, plaques, and engraved jewelry. It is a way to recognize and pay homage to a co-worker, teacher, student, friend, family member, or someone who has done an outstanding job. You can have each award fine tailored to suit the situation. You may want to incorporate a personal message or something that they would find meaningful. Companies such as EDCO Awards & Specialties create customized awards to commemorate special occasions.

Events or Occasions Which Deserve an Award

Business Awards

Handing out awards in the workplace is always a great idea. Managing a large staff or team is often challenging, especially when you deal with people who all have different personalities, ideas, and beliefs. Managers are always looking for new, innovative ways to boost morale and create a more comfortable work environment, which increases productivity and overall efficiency. One of the biggest benefits of handling an award is recognition, which shows your employees that they're valued and appreciated. There is no more powerful motivator than recognition. By presenting them a physical award will increase morale and increase productivity, which will encourage employees to go the extra mile and typically perform above their capabilities. Business awards can also be used to advertise your business and attract higher quality employees. For example, winning an award or trophy informs potential employees that your company is great to work for, which will attract more ambitious and talented individuals.

Music Awards

For a musician, there is no better feeling than receiving admiration for their art, such as an award, which pays homage to their talent and musicianship. The music industry presents more awards than any other industry, which award ceremonies include Billboard Music Awards, Grammys, American Music Awards, and more. For a musician, it's not about the money or the record sales, but more so the recognition they receive for their contribution. Receiving a music award can also help benefit their careers, which can help land a song on the radio, increase album sales, and broaden their exposure.

Sports Awards

Football, basketball, soccer, and baseball are fun to watch and play, but can also be extremely competitive. Handing out participation awards is a great way to show your team they're doing a great job, even when they're not winning. It recognizes their effort, which shows them that they're valued. Sports awards can be presented to commemorate good sportsmanship, teamwork, and commitment. There is also a plethora of different awards that can present to an individual to recognize their excellence and performance capabilities, which includes the most valuable player, rookie, or coach of the year.

Poetry and Writing Awards

Just like a musician, writers strive on the admiration they receive from their peers and literary critics. At the end of the day, every writer only wants a simple pat on the back and that their work was well-received. Winning a literary award such as a Nobel Prize, Pulitzer, and Magsaysay Award provides a writer recognition, which allows them to feel validated, raises their awareness, and can boost sales. Whether you're working a novel, poem, or your autobiographic, writing is an arduous process, which can take years to finish. By presenting a writer an award for their work will ignite their creative juices and rekindle their love for writing.


Some people look forward to retiring, while others dread it, which is often difficult for people to accept. After working forty years at the same job, change can be difficult, especially if you genuinely enjoy your line of work. When an employee, friend, or loved one is getting closer to retirement age, you could present them with an award to commemorate their years of hard work and dedication. Presenting an award is a nice way to honor them and show your appreciation.

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