Throwing The Perfect Baby Shower: The Ultimate Guide

Baby showers are traditionally a celebration held in honor of a mother to be. They are an opportunity to celebrate and support her with tips, advice, and gifts that she will need once the baby is born. Of course, they can be a great deal of fun for everyone involved as well. If you put a bit of time and effort into planning them, that is. Something that you can get lots of helpful advice on in the post below.

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Decide on a date

The first thing that you need to consider when throwing a baby shower is when you hold it. This is because if you pick a date too close to when the baby is due, mom might not be in the best mood or be able to have the most fun.

Of course, it's often seen as bad luck to hold a baby shower in the first trimester of pregnancy too. Something that means anything from around 4-7 is usually the perfect time.

It's also always worth checking with mom-to-be that she is actually available on your chosen date before you progress with the rest of the planning. Otherwise, you can end up with a full-on party and no guest of honor!

Find a venue

Once you have a date sorted, it's time to find a venue that will be suitable for the shower. Many people choose to host these types of parties at home, and there are some distinct advantages to doing so. One is that you can provide home-cooked foods. It's also a space where mom-to-be may feel more relaxed and comfortable too.

Of course, that doesn't mean to say that all baby showers need to be thrown in a home environment. In fact, they can be very successful in other locations as well, such as restaurants, cafes, and other public spaces. In fact, anywhere that parties are held will usually be a good spot for a baby shower. You can even tie in your location with your theme if you like. For example, if you have a sailing or nautical theme, why not host the part in a yacht club?

To keep it a surprise?

Another problem that many folks throwing a baby shower go through is whether to let the mom-to-be know or to keep it a surprise. Of course, the answer will be different for different people. Therefore, if you know, your friend is an anxious person that needs to psych themselves up for a party, its best to tell them in advance.

Remember too that surprising pregnant, especially heavily pregnant women isn't always the best of ideas!

Picking a theme

One of the most fun things about throwing a baby shower is picking a theme. Something that can then be used on the invites, food, and decorations too, and will give your celebration a cohesive look.

Obviously, many baby showers have babies as the theme, with decorations, food, and drink being styled around typical baby items like diapers, bottles, dummies, and the like. In fact, this theme can be adorable if executed in a classy way with pastel and neutral colors.

You absolutely don't have to limit your baby shower theme to this if you don't want to though. In fact, there are plenty of other ways of theming such a celebration like the ones you will find at

Color as a theme can be a particularly smart choice. Something that means you will provide the decor, flowers, and even drinks in the same or similar tones. In fact, theming a baby shower in this way is a fantastic option for keeping it grown up and sophisticated. Something that can help it to be more focused on mom-to-bee, rather than all on Baby.

Remember though, that when it comes to a shower, its best to stay away from pink and blues. Unless the gender of the baby is common knowledge, that is. After all, mom and dad may have decided not to share this with everyone yet.

Although, if mom knows about the shower, and wishes to reveal the gender of the baby that is something that you can include as well perhaps in the form of a smash cake, or a balloon release. The latter being something you can find out all about how to organize at

Send out invites

Next comes sending out invites, which it is essential to get RSVPs to. This is because you will need to know how many people to expect for food, drink and place settings. It's also crucial that you have information about how to get to the venue included. Oh, and don't forget to include what guests need to bring with them regarding food and gifts as well.

Setting up a gift registry

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Of course, this brings us to the task of setting up a gift registry. Now not all baby showers have this, and you can leave it up to the attendees to select and brings gifts. However, in my experience, I have found that using a registry works very well. This reason for this is because firstly there are no repeated gifts. Secondly, mom can actually make everyone aware of exactly what it is she still needs, rather than them just having to guess. Something that means the gifts are much more likely to be both useful and gratefully received.

Sort decorations

For anyone artistic or crafty, making baby shower decoration is one of the best bits about throwing this type of party. Of course, there are plenty of tutorials online that can help you make anything from bunting to centerpieces, to balloon sculptures.

There is no need to panic if you aren't such a creative soul, though. After all, it's pretty easy to get decorations online that follow a particular theme or color.

In fact, you can find some pretty classy paper pompom kits that look professional but definitely won't break the bank. Alternatively, some people decorate parties for a living. In fact, they will be only too happy to task this task out of your hands if your budget can stretch to it.


However, decorations aren't the only things that make a baby shower enjoyable. Actually, you can really help everyone to enjoy themselves, as well as break the ice by including some fun games.

You can, of course, make some of your own up. Although, if you are struggling for ideas, you can get some suggestions from that will definitely make your shower a lot of fun. You may even wish to split up the guests up into two teams and have them play against each other. Something that will make sure everyone is invested and involved.

Organizing food

Next, it's time to think about providing some yummy food for everyone that is invited. Of course, there are some obvious no-nos when it comes to catering a baby shower. These include soft cheese with a white rind, any type of pate, including ones made from vegetables, any undercooked, raw, or cured meats as well as the other items listed at site like

Happily, there are plenty of other delicious things that you can provide, so most people, including mom-to-be, won't even notice their absence. It's also traditional to include a cake or cookies if catering at home. A recipe for the latter you can find at

Proving drinks

Lastly, while you may associate parties with having a tipple or two, but the reality of the matter is mom-to-be won't be able to consume any alcohol. What this means is that it's always much better to go for a teetotal event, as then she won't feel left out.

Happily, you can whip up some simple virgin cocktails that will not only look the part but taste great as well. Something that should please everyone attending, and ensure that you secure your place as the best baby shower thrower in town!

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  1. Baby registries can be kind of tricky. For out first baby, we just made one on registry on Amazon but soon found out our parents friends were not tech savvy enough to figure it out. For our second, we made sure to have a registry at a brick and motor store for them to visit.

  2. I love the wonderful step-by-step breakdown for planning a baby shower! Life gets hectic. This list is an awesome way to stay organized and on task.

  3. This really is the ultimate guide! SO awesome! Saving this for future shower hosting duties!


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