Piolo Pascual is Andok's Spicy Dokito Brand Ambassador

Andok's, one of the country's most favored roasted meat franchises in the Philippines, is always synonymous with happiness for me. Back in the day, my siblings and I would know it's payday when my father comes home with a bag of Andok's Litson Manok. Kahit disoras na ng gabi siya dumating, we will definitely wake up kasi may Andok's! Fast forward to today, Andok's has brought happiness to my life once again and it's all because they introduced Piolo Pascual as their first-ever brand ambassador. Forever crush ko talaga si Papa P, haha!

Andoks - Piolo Pascual as First Ever Celebrity Ambassador

Papa P = Spicy Dokito = Hot, hot hot!

Piolo is Andok's ambassador for the new Spicy Dokito! Well, aside from being a well-loved actor, model, producer, animal advocate, and sought-after brand ambassador, he's definitely the best one to endorse Spicy Dokito because they're both hot! Not only that, he's got this cute kakulitan that perfectly complements Andok's Spicy Dokito's #AnghangKulit promise.

Andoks - Executive Vice President - Maverick Javier

When asked why they chose Piolo as their first-ever brand ambassador, Andok's Executive Vice President, Maverick Javier says that it was an easy decision because, "he embodies joy, life, and enthusiasm" which is also what Andok's aim to give its customers.

Bring out the #AnghangKulit in You with Spicy Dokito

Andok's Dokito was launched in 2004 and was well-received by Andok's customers since then. Now, that they introduced the Spicy Dokito, expect the same yummy taste of Dokito plus authentic spiciness. I say authentic because Andok's doesn't just use chili powder to make the Spicy Dokito hot but marinates each chicken piece well in real chili. (See my close-up shot below.)

Andoks - Spicy Dokito with Real Chili

Being a Bicolana, I can tell you that this is the real thing! You can taste the spiciness up to the very bone unlike the fastfood spicy chicken brands. The intense spice of Andok's newest chicken will definitely bring out the kulit in anyone who dares to try it and will keep them wanting more. Just a small piece of the Spicy Dokito will reveal the anghangkulit in you, making you bolder, feistier, and hotter.

Andoks - Spicy Dokito

The new Andok's Spicy Dokito is now available in Andok's branches. One piece only costs Php 57 and it's also available as a 5-piece bucket at Php 285.  Tip: Visit the bigger Andok's stores or those with a Spicy Dokito poster. The one nearest me in Cainta had no Spicy Dokito available because they only had one fryer because of space constraints. Still, the 10-minute drive to the next Andok's store was all worth it! Sarap eh, perfect for this rainy weather!

To know more about Andok's and their products, visit www.andoks.com.ph or follow them on Facebook (facebook.com/andokslitsonmanok) or on Instagram (@pusongandoks).

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