5 tips for increasing your focus as a professional in the workplace

Your ability to remain focused at your workplace affects your productivity. It takes about twenty-three minutes to recover from a distraction fully. That's almost half an hour of wasted staff hours. Perhaps you feel the need to improve your focus at your workplace but don't know where to start. You've come to the right place.
We've drawn up five tips to help boost your concentration at your workplace.

focusing at work

1. Set clear objectives and stick to them

On reporting to work, set out a clear plan of goals you wish to achieve within a day. Preferably, the most urgent tasks ought to top your to-do list. Set reasonable deadlines for the completion of planned tasks and by all means possible, stick to your schedule.

At day's end, review what you achieved against your plan to gauge your productivity. Reviews also help in identifying your most productive hours and forge discipline.

2. Take short breaks

You'd want to work all day long, but this only impedes your overall productivity. Take breaks in-between tasks to remain energetic all day long. Breaks also serve to keep your mind and body feeling refreshed and boosts concentration. Plan for five-minute breaks after every 25 minutes of working.

You may choose to listen to a song or two, stretch, walk or stand during your break.

3. Take short notes

Maintaining full concentration throughout a long meeting or conversation may prove arduous to most of us which may mean you miss out on vital points. Take brief notes during long sessions to improve cognition and concentration. Note taking is known to eliminate monotony.

4. Put your phone away

From social media inbox notifications that call for your response to hilarious videos sent every other minute by a friend, the phone is a primary source of distractions. Put your phone away from view and only use it when it's necessary.
Preferably, switch off your phone or put it on a silent mode and lock it in a drawer during work hours. However, you may respond to messages or return calls during recess.

Supposing you're likely to receive essential or urgent calls, give out your office contacts as an alternative to your mobile number. Doing so help you keep of your handset during your most productive time.

5. Take natural focus supplements

For persons who desire to take their concentration levels a notch higher, we suggest they try natural focus supplement for work hours, for instance, AddieUP brain supplements. Focus supplements are a sure way to boosts energy levels and consequently, your concentration. It's common to find supplement users surpass their targets at work.

Key takeaway

While it might not be easy to implement the above tips at first, discipline and persistence may see you become the employee of the year against all the odds. Get out of your comfort zone and works your socks off using the above tips.

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