Mega Extra Hot Sardines Makes Meal Times More Exciting

Meal times are about to get more exciting with Mega Extra Hot Sardines that will surely delight Filipino Families with its fiery #AngasAnghang taste.

Piolo Pascual for Mega Extra Hot Sardines

Made with the freshest and most delicious sarfdines the new Mega Extra Hot Sardines has an extra level of spiciness that would perk up the taste buds - maangas per malinamnam. Its level of spiciness is perfect for all those ho want something adventurous dueing their meals, with just the right level of extra hotness to pique the senses. Mega Extra Hot Sardines is neither offensive nor bland, making it go every well with your choice of rice, bread, or other vegetables and garnishing.

This exciting spicy offering was launched by no less than the hottest Mega hearththrob Piolo Pascual, who stars in the TV ad of the Philippines’ number one sardines brand. In this award-winning ad, Piolo gives a glimpse into Mega’s painstaking efforts to bring the feshest ingredients into the homes of Filipinos.

Made with Mega’s signature 12-hour catching-to-canning process, Mega Extra Hot Sardines are deliciously fresh. From the time that the fish is caught up to the moment it is canned, Mega’s adherence to the highest levels of quality and its passion to deliver the best are evident every step of the way.

Mega Extra Hot Sardines is the latest offering of Mega Global, the number one sardines brand in the Philippines, which has allowed Filipinos to discover the many ways they can enjoy sardines.

If you want your next meal to be more exciting, try the new Mega Extra Hot Sardines. You’ll definitely love the #angasanghang adventure. It’s fiery, exciting adventure in a can!

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