5 Things Realtors Love to See

Selling a house is a lot of work. You need to deal with paperworks and getting the house ready for the market in order to join the house market and make sure you have a competitive price. A lot of factors can weigh in when someone is looking for a home. Realtors are the first thing that comes to our mind when we want to sell or buy a house. According to statistics, around 87% of buyers go through real estate agents. This means that people trust these professionals and you do not want to disregard their opinion. But what do these professionals love to see in a house and for them what are the aspects of what it takes to standout in the market. Below are essential points and staging tips to note to get the attention your home deserves.

Home Condition

Anyone, may it be a prospective buyer or a realtor, loves to see a clean, well-maintained home. Nothing beats a dust-free home with clean windows, clean walls and mopped floors. You need to remove any mold, smudge or smoke odors. Make sure that it is not only sparklingly clean but smelling fresh too. It is exciting and inviting to enter a home that has a refreshing scent.

Clean hardwood floors and freshly steamed clean carpets are a must. Placing a rug in a strategic location makes a subtle but effective refined finished look. Upgrading your appliances adds to the idea of a well-maintained house, therefore, enforcing your asking price. No need to replace every appliances but make sure the essential ones are at their optimal level.

Freshly painted walls will make a good impression. Choose neutral colors to make your house appear lighter and spacious. This way it can be easier for prospective buyers to imagine how their furnitures will work or how they could adapt the space.


Location is a factor but it cannot be changed. In order to make this aspect appealing, do your research about the neighborhood and nearby hangout places. Your location can influence your target market. If you are familiar with nearby bars, coffee shops and places to eat be sure to mention that to your realtor.

Family buyers may want to know the proximity of schools and family-oriented activity places. In a realtors prospective, a busy street, power lines around the corner and close proximity to retail shops are considered undesirable. A cul-de-sac or location with a great view adds value to the house.

Curb Appeal

The very first thing your buyer will notice is your curb area. It is necessary to boost your curb appeal. People may think that the house interior is the first step to pique the interest of buyers, but it is most likely your curb appeal. Interested buyers drive by the neighborhood first and your curb gives the first impression making them want to see the inside. Have blooming flowers, crisp mowed lawn and green grass.

Repaint your porch and wash your adjacent walkway to make it welcoming rather than imposing. An extra touch to your doorway and fixing fixtures like mailbox and lockset can go along way. It is also nice to add symmetry to the house by installing outdoor lighting and a little bit of landscaping. A well-cultivated garden greatly boost your curb value. Pests can dissuade you from planting beautiful flowers and hamper the way you choose your landscaping, but the remember, there are an abundance of natural solutions to take care of pests. Trees add aesthetics but being to bushy can prevent natural light in illuminating your house inside and out so make sure to properly maintain your trees them when needed.

Room Remodels

Strike a balance between style and space. Renovating will keep your place modern and chic. Replace kitchen and bath fixtures that fits the taste of majority. Fix what is broken and make sure to inspect the particulars in the house. Installing mirrors to rooms can make them look much bigger and lighter. Consider installing mirrors in small spaces like hallways. Altering liveable spaces like garage into an extra room is a cash cow. Take advantage of the idea of making extra rooms. Making a loft-type space is also great. It adds space and number of possible occupants to your place.

Decluttered Space

Remove excess things and unnecessary furnitures. It can be difficult for prospective buyers to envision the property if they were to live there if it feels cluttered and stuffed. Move furniture that can block pathways and define living spaces. Make sure the house atmosphere is light and airy when visits are scheduled. Store your personal items and photos to prevent distraction when touring the house. Keep the house organized and decluttered, but do not turn it into a boring room either. Potential buyers need to feel that the house can be personalized. Try to show them a bright and sunny home. Realtors likes touring the house in a breezy and relax manner.

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