10 of the Best Cycling Holidays in Europe

The beautiful continent of Europe is located entirely in the Northern and mostly the Eastern Hemisphere. Thinking of going for a cycling holiday in Europe? Here are the 10 places you should check out:

1. Amsterdam South, Holland

Thanks to its flat landscape, incredible infrastructure, mild climate, and short distances, Holland is the ideal destination for cycling. It is secure, easy and enjoyable as there are more than 32,000 kilometers of riding paths that can be used throughout the country. With well-put road signs, it is impossible to get lost since the Dutch have embraced cycling as a hobby and pay attention to the signs when in traffic. While using the junction networks, you will come across thousands of bespoken and beautiful views that are not accessible when using a vehicle. In brief, anyone who wants to explore Holland fully should use a bicycle.

2. Bruges, Belgium

World War 1 routes are becoming accessible for people with older children and during 29 km day trip around Bruges; one will be awed by the spectacular sceneries. The Bruges trail starts right from the central station and heads out to the quiet West Flanders town of Damme, traversing via the canal along an easy to navigate path. While at Dammes you can visit Dammes café for lunch where you indulge yourselves in succulent steaks before heading back to Bruges for cold Belgian beer.

3. Somerset, England

With the significant departure of the Tour de France, Yorkshire will be grabbing the cycling headline during the summer period. With so many shorter routes for family cycling in England, one of the most terrific and free of traffic is the Strawberry Line along the oldest railway path. It starts right from Clevedon to Cranmore where you will pass some spurs around the Cheddar village. The road is eight miles and can be traversed easily by using a shortcut where you will see many beautiful places that can be visited like Wells Cathedral, the Cheddar caves, and Glastonbury Tor.

4. River Danube, Austria

Secondary ongoing students can traverse the ambitious 225 km Austria Danube cycle which delightfully cuts through quaint farmhouses and beautiful valleys. The route starts in the beautiful old town of Passau close to the German border and passes along the Blue Danube via Austria to Vienna the city of romance, having covered a distance of around 230 miles. While cycling along the valleys, there is a variety of picturesque, and fascinating ancient towns, where you will spend the night.
The routes are the perfect place for holiday cycling since there is a little number of cars with signposts placed at strategic places. With baroque monasteries, nicely terraced vineyards, fertile plains, and peaceful valleys, they all provide a fantastic scenic drop for a tour of Austria while on a bike.

5. Bornholm, Denmark

With the beautiful Scandinavians escaping during summer to the Baltic island of Bornholm, Copenhagen is one of Europe’s most cycle-friendly cities. The island is the ultimate place for chilled-out bicycle riding with its white sand beaches, mystic rock formations, and craggy coastline to explore. The island receives sunshine for much longer periods, and world-renowned artists frequent the area. The Bornholm Island has a well-preserved rich history of round churches, ancient carvings in rocks and their delicious culinary.

6. Tenerife, Spain

Because of its challenging and long routes, Tour de France cycling hero Bradley Wiggins trained on the. island of Tenerife. There are many other friendly routes for families that have come for a cycling vacation like the Puerto de La Cruz loop which is ideal for all ages. It starts from the beaches of Martinez to the fascinating botanical gardens with several stops on the way for refreshments. Another spectacular route is the trail via the hills around Esperanza and the Corona Forestal Natural Park.
Cycling in Tenerife is entirely your choice as you can choose to cycle at altitudes of over 2,000 meters or sea level. Throughout the island, you will be able to access plenty of roads which are well suited for bike rides.

7. Brittany, France

For children who have just begun learning French, then Brittany is the place to be. A leisure summer cycling vacation in the beautiful countryside of Breton is an experience worth reliving.

8. Venetia, Italy

The best introduction to la dolce Vita is by a cycling self-guided tour around the Venetian countryside. The bespoken routes will quench your thirst for cycling as you will have a once in a lifetime opportunity combination of natural lifestyle while staying in a farm hotel owned by families from this region. There is also an enjoyable excursion of crisscrossing the valleys. Other days you can choose to visit the areas historic places like Venice Padua and Vicenza. There are also very short rides for smaller children around the village of Costozza and Lake Fimon.

9. Mecklenburg Lakeland, Germany

With over 70,000km of cycling paths and 200 routes for long distance bicycle riding, Germany offers cycling adventure for all ages. The commonly used routes are those along the rivers starting from Winterberg to Duisburg with a stretch of 230 km, and Mecklenburg Lakes cycle routes from Luneburg which is 640km.

10. Graubunden, Switzerland

Each summer, the Alpine ski resort of Flims gets a new life as a serene cycling haven. It is an abode to mountain-biking center with over 330km of nicely marked trails to guide cyclists. There is also a rope swinging area in the forest making it the perfect trail for primary school aged children.

Cycling as a hobby and adventure is taking the world by storm as many people are embracing it, to the extent of going for cycling vacations. Apart from adventure, it is also safe for a workout as it helps tone up muscles, leaving you as fit as possible.

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