5​ ​Sentimental​ ​and​ ​Inexpensive​ ​Gifts​ ​for​ ​Grandparents

Buying presents is never easy, especially for adults who generally have everything that they need, but perhaps not everything that they want. Try as you may, extracting a wish list from an adult is not as easy as getting this information from a child. Just why did we stop circling catalogues to show others what we would like to be gifted?

As we get older, the gifts that we get most pleasure from are the ones sent from the heart. Here are five gifts to give that will be appreciated for their sentimentality and uniqueness.

Give the Gift of Time

The greatest gift that money can’t buy is your precious time. Have a think about what would benefit your loved one in terms of a service that you could provide. Perhaps they need help with the garden, or decorating their house; choose something that they would ordinarily feel is too big a task for you to help them with. Not only will it help them out, but it will give you an opportunity to spend quality time with them too.

Make a CD

We live in a digital and downloadable musical world, but our parents may still be using CDs for their music. Take time to make a CD that has all of their favorite songs on. Everybody loves a compilation of tunes from their past, and this gift will be a winner. Let the children design the sleeve of the CD for an extra personal touch.

Make a Collage

Choose your favorite photographs of the children and family members and create a very special collage. You can use a free online tool such as the collage maker from Adobe Spark to collate the pictures as a visual reminder of such happy times. The good news is that you can choose to use the predesigned formats to help your creativity retain a professional looking edge.

Make a Hamper

You may not know a big gift to buy for your loved one, but you will be very aware of the day-to-day preferences they have that can be put into a hamper. You can decorate a cardboard box and fill it with things that you know that they will like. What type of coffee is their favorite blend? Or perhaps they have a brand of chocolate that they do enjoy on special occasions. Add in a book that you think they may enjoy, or even tickets to the cinema if you know they want to see a film that is showing. You can be as practical as you like, just add glitter!

Take Them Back

There is nothing quite as sentimental as a trip down memory lane. Plan a day to revisit their old haunts from childhood, it may be a beach where they used to go on family holidays to or even a hill that they used to climb. Having the opportunity to share feelings of nostalgia with tales from years gone by with the younger generations of the family is a great way to reconnect, and share their history and love.

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