Why Your Car is Like a Relationship

You should treat your car like a friend. After all, your car is dependable and always there for you when you need it. You also know it inside and out, and it complements your lifestyle. What happens when the relationship turns sour, though? Here are 4 reasons why your car is like a relationship.

1. You need to commit

Choosing a car can be stressful with so many decisions to make. Petrol, diesel or electric? SUV or station wagon? Red, white or black? When you’ve done much soul searching, and you see a car that you know will only bring benefit to your life, you know that you must have it. It will help you get to work on time, it will support you with your hobbies, and it will be a good fit for your family. However, money doesn’t grow on trees, and you have to commit to the financial burden of running a car, and not just the initial funding to buy it.

2. You need to cherish it

When you get your car home, it’s the start of the new relationship. You make sure that you keep the vehicle clean and spic and span, and treat it like it the investment it is. However, as time moves on, you fail to notice that it needs an oil change, and its paint has a few little rust patches, and this beautiful car that you valued so much, is suddenly less appealing. You have devalued it, and you survive together in the hope it meets your daily needs. When you don’t cherish what you have with regular maintenance, it can soon fall apart.

3. You need to spend time together

If you have been diligent with maintaining your car’s health with regular inspections, it should run for miles and miles between mechanic visits; however, as your vehicle gets older, it may start to need more visits to the garage. You need to think about the money that you are spending on it to keep it on the road and consider replacing it for one that will be more dependable. Visit a dealership like Honda Scotland to source an approved car that won’t let you down, and, this time, ensure you keep it looking brand new.

4. You need to pay attention

As with relationships, to keep the value in your car, you need to pay it attention. Your car communicates with you; therefore, it is up to you whether you are listening or not. Is your car making unusual noises? Whether its screeching brakes or an unidentified whirring noise from the engine, you need to pay attention to the signs your car is giving you. A whirring noise could be a signpost that a minor adjustment needs to be made, or it could be a sign of a big-ticket repair. Does your car exhale a sweet scent from the ventilation? Your heat core could have eroded, and needs to be checked out before winter arrives.

To ensure it doesn’t fail you, make sure you do not fail it also. A car is a large investment; therefore, you want to keep it running and in pristine condition. Reduce its breakdown rate by looking after it; after all, it’ll end up looking after you in return.

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