Try out and learn something new this 2017

"Learning something new" is one of the most used yet broken New Year's resolutions ever. Don't you agree? In your social media network alone, how many of your friends have posted about learning to cook or speaking a new language on Facebook? Wait until March and check their progress. See who's still on track and you'll finally agree on my sentiments.

Still, you know, I made it one of my resolutions this year. I figured, I have less than two years until I reach forty so I might as well start reinventing myself, right? If there's one best thing that 2016 has taught me, that is to have mentors in different fields and learn to listen and trust them. So I still say yes to trying out and learning new exciting things this year and I'm determined to do it. For starters, I already did parasailing and helmet diving last week in Boracay!

Here are few lessons that I started this January:

  • Ukelele-playing - Thanks to my son who asked for a ukelele last Christmas, haha! Yes, I just borrow his ukelele. I searched and downloaded a few easy pieces in the beginning and the easy chords encouraged me to play more contemporary tunes. 
  • Calligraphy - Again, this is because of Ralph and Christmas, LOL! A sweet friend gifted him with some pens which got him started and I was amazed and inspired at how good he was in it. I started watching Youtube how-to videos, downloaded some templates for practice, and also browsed through Pinterest for new font ideas. Ralph is still the better calligraphy artist than me and I need to practice more before I start to buy canvas.
  • Facebook Marketing - I already do this for a living but I realize that Facebook is always updating its site so I should update what I know to. I enrolled in a Udemy online course which I got at a promo price of $10 only.
So there, visit my back sometime in March and check on my progress. I might add an item or two to this list by then. How about you? Have you planned on learning something new this year?

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