Ways to enhance your home's personality with leadlights

Leadlights are home fixtures made of colored glass bound together by lead came. We commonly call these fixtures stained glass, but  apparently, stained glass fixtures are those associated with old buildings such as cathedrals, museums, and libraries while leadlight windows and the like are usually used in homes and have less complicated designs.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Leadlight_1920s.jpg

Surprisingly though, even when the use of leadlights date back to more than a thousand years, there are still contemporary homes that choose to include them in their home's interior and exterior design. Let's admit it, leadlight does enhance a home's personality.

Here are some ways to incorporate leadlights in your home:

  1. Get privacy and light with leadlight panels installed on your front door.  Not only that, it can also instantly light up an otherwise drab hallway with its jewel-like color and grand design.
  2. Merge the old and the new with leadlight windows on a modern living room. Even with a minimalist design that's common in modern living rooms, a leadlight window can add warmth and provide subtle color.
  3. Complement your bathroom fixtures with colorful leadlight wall panels. Find pieces that are experimental and abstract. You'll be surprised to find young artists render their art through leadlight pieces.
  4. Provide accent to a room with a Wisteria Tiffany lamp. Leadlights are not for windows only but for lampshades as well. If you'd like an authentic piece, visit thrift shops and save lots. There are leadlight repair shops if ever you need it fixed such as leadlight repairs in Melbourne, Australia.

It's really up to you on how you can incorporate these classic beauties into your home's design. One thing's for sure, leadlights are here to stay.

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