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Okay, I know I haven't been writing lately. I have been so busy shuttling to and from Bicol because of our family business that's why I'm finding it hard to sit down and write my thoughts. But I vow to change that this 2014. Promise. This time, allow me to write about how proud I am of my boy.

Today, we received Rap's 3rd Quarter report card and we're happy to discover that he finally got in the much coveted Director's List. If you can remember, I wrote about my boy being an alternate Pisay scholar earlier in 2013. I also wrote about how we (yes, including us parents) survived his First Quarter storm. I didn't share about his 2nd Quarter grades because his General Weighted Average (GWA) was exactly the same as the first quarter's 1.612. Although we were already happy that he didn't flunk a single subject, I knew our son was still disappointed that he didn't get in the elite "DL" circle.

Finally today, together with his report card, we received his first-ever Merit Card. Being in the Director's List meant that he reached the minimum GWA of 1.5 Just imagine how ecstatic we were. In his report card, his adviser wrote "he's beginning to show his talents." I agree with this observation and, in fact, Rap has begun to become confident enough to step up in school activities. Before this recognition, he was elected Class President and is now planning to run for a position in their batch council for next school year. His classmates call him "Tito Rolph" because, as he told me, they seem to think that he's the most responsible pupil in their class.

When we enrolled Rap in Pisay last May, I honestly wasn't expecting him to shine and find his own place in the sun, so to speak. He's an alternate scholar, and I felt that he will have a hard time outdoing the other kids in his class. Obviously, my boy proved us wrong. He's definitely a fighter and seems to enjoy challenging himself. And this is what makes me soooooo proud and happy!

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