Buying the right lamp for your home

Lamps are essential lighting solutions for the home. They also make a huge impact on a room’s look and feel. The right lamps can illuminate dark corners, provide task lighting and amplify a home’s overall style.

Without proper lighting, even stylish rooms are incomplete. Every room needs a combination of lighting: general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. Floor lamps are usually categorized as task lighting because they illuminate a particular area of a room. Table lamps can light up an entire room.

Photo: “Lamp” by Joel Montes de Oca, c/o Flickr. Some Rights Reserved

In addition to their functional roles, lamps are important to a room’s décor. Home owners should take several factors into account when choosing a lamp for function and taste. Size, shape and style all play a role in the decision.

For a contemporary or modern look, a simple and streamlined lamp is a good choice. Drum-shaped shades on slim bases are currently in vogue, and they add height to a room without overpowering the décor. Crescent Harbor Modern is a good example of an online retailer with modern lamp designs.

When people buy lighting, especially floor and table lamps, they should carefully consider the lamp shades. A translucent shade provides enough light for reading or illuminating the room. For a lamp that serves as an accent piece, an opaque shade offers a dramatic look.

Room placement is another important consideration. Floor lamps are ideal for dark corners, while table lamps can light the rest of the room. In any room, the lighting should be sufficient for the activities and tasks at hand.

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