Meet Kakao Friends on KakaoTalk!

Enjoying free KakaoTalk when chatting with your friends? Enjoy it even more with KakaoTalk stickers and emoticons featuring Kakao Friends!

Kakao Friends are your mischievous and spirited messaging buddies that you can meet exclusively on KakaoTalk. With each character displaying distinct personalities and emotions, they help users effectively convey a variety of exciting emotions, even those that are hard to express in text, to friends and loved ones.

Like any of us, each character has his or her own story to tell.

Groovy Jay-G is the mole with the sunglasses and the afro hair. He always makes it a point to get his afro done fresh and his suit crisp. He is a secret agent who finds inspiration from his largest idol, Jay-Z. Although Jay-G tries to portray an image of a calm, cool-headed and professional dude, he is actually as clumsy as a bear, has the heart of a pussycat, and is hungry for affection. Have you used Jay-G stickers to cry out for love?

Apeach, on the other hand, is a mischievous peach overflowing with energy and emotions! This adorable peach, always full of pranks, ran away from the orchard in search for something fun and exciting. Apeach’s sexy behind is its charm, while its violent temper is its harm. Are words not enough to express the strength of your emotions? Let Apeach help!

Frodo is a wealthy and spoiled city dog with a small inferiority complex about his mongrel background. He tries to put on a chillax attitude and enjoy everything life has to offer, including taking time to savor a cup of coffee every morning. Beside Frodo is Neo, the love of his life. A prim and self-oriented cat who cares for no one but herself, she is obsessed with her bob cut wig, which is the source of her confidence.

Frodo and bossy Neo despise yet love each other. You can always find them together but they are usually fighting- like your daily dose of cats and dogs! But at the end of the day, they always find ways to settle things, no matter what.

Are you in dispute with your best friends? Do you want to express your intimate affections? Worry no more and make peace with help from Frodo and Neo’s stickers.

Feeling weak hearted or a little cowardly? Tube, the warm-hearted duck, is the character for you. He may seem like your regular feathered friend from afar, but when faced with fear, his alter-ego, the monster duck takes over. He is embarrassed of his small feet and makes sure his flippers are on to cover his feet. Supposedly, the ugly duckling is his distant relative ;).

Always full of curiosity and fun ideas? Muzi loves dressing up in cute bunny costumes, but the truth is - he is actually just a yellow radish! His costume boosts his confidence. The playful veggie is as shy as a child without his costume on.

Con, on the other hand, is the tiny and mysterious crocodile with an agenda of his own. He has created Muzi from a radish, and keep an eye on Muzi at all times. Guess your babies can really outgrow you.

Sometimes, simple text are simply not enough to show how you feel. Express yourself better through fun and animated emoticons, offered exclusively through KakaoTalk. If you can’t find the right words, there’s always a right character for what and how you feel. Share the love and laughter with these bubbly chums!

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