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Like most first-time mothers, I was so careful during my pregnancy. There wasn't a lot of informative sites on pregnancy when I was pregnant with Rap so I mostly relied to what the more experienced mothers would tell me. I didn't bother if those were just myths because I figured that following them wouldn't hurt anyway. Nevertheless, I felt that I had to take a backseat because of the many things I couldn't do during pregnancy.

Last week, Wyeth ProMama sponsored an event where a the council of Fit and Fab mamas, Amanda Griffin-Jacob, Delamar Arias, and Tricia Chiongbian-Concepcion distinguished pregnancy facts from myths with the help of pregnancy experts Dra Christia Padolina and Dra. Angel Bandola.

Aptly entitled, "Mama Yes You Can!" the event aimed to empower moms during their pregnancy by informing them of the things they can and they cannot do. Here are the notes I took down during the discussion:
Can I travel by plane?
Experts say YES YOU CAN! Contrary to common belief, travelling by plane is alright anytime during pregnancy but more advisable if its during the 2nd trimester. You will also have to keep in mind that a waiver is signed before you can travel. 
Can I exercise? 
Experts say YES YOU CAN! Exercise keeps a pregnant mom healthy and prevents excessive weight gain, gestational diabetes, and hypertension. Everything should be in moderation, though. Abdominal crunches are obviously not allowed. 
Can I color my hair? 
Experts say YES YOU CAN! Even Delamar Arias admitted that she colors her hair but her colorist is careful not to touch her scalp. Meanwhile, the pregnancy experts stressed that there is no scientific evidence that links hair dye to birth defects and that absorption of hair coloring chemicals is minimal in the scalp. Besides, mamas need to be beautiful, too! 
Can I drink coffee? 
Experts say YES YOU CAN! But remember, never exceed 200 mg of caffeine or just have 1 cup of coffee a day. When in doubt, choose decaf. Also, keep in mind that caffeinated drinks include teas, chocolate, and colas. 
Can I eat sashimi? 
Experts say YES YOU CAN! Usually, OB-GYNs say that there is a high risk of food poisoning when you eat raw food. Better eat fresh and raw sushi or sashimi from reliable restaurants or just prepare one yourself. Also choose salmon or any other fish because mercury content is possible in large batches of tuna.

If there's one thing that pregnant moms should remember, it's the fact that having proper nutrition is vital for having a healthy pregnancy. Wyeth acknowledges this need by formulating ProMama with Pro-Nutri Builders that supports the health and development of both mother and baby during the pregnancy. These include Beta Carotene, Vitamins A, C, and E, Folic Acid, Zinc, Vitamin D, Protein, and Calcium.

Available in Vanilla Delight flavor, ProMama only has 15% of calories from fat. Two glasses a day of ProMama can help promote proper weight gain during pregnancy.

I hope that you were enlightened as I am with these myth busters.Share these nuggets of facts to all pregnant moms out there so they can look and feel great during pregnancy.

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