6 Bedroom Themes Your Kids Will Love

A child’s room is a sanctuary, a space in which to feel safe and express themselves. It’s the room where they keep all their worldly belongings and the place over which they feel a true sense of ownership. A themed room can be a simple but effective way to make your kid’s room an exciting and enjoyable place to spend time. Here a few theme ideas that kids are sure to love and parents will have a great time putting together.

Surf and Sun

For the water-babies out there, whether they love to swim and surf or just watch the seagulls and collect shells on the sand, a beach themed room is sure to please.

Use cool, calm blues, white, and accents of orange and yellow to capture the colours of the sand, surf and sky. Pictures of seaside vistas on the walls or mounted surfboards make for great features. Using scavenged driftwood and shells to decorate shelves or picture frames is another great way to bring the ocean indoors. If you need inspiration a family trip to the beach never fails to please.

Wild West

Cowboys and Indians still make for a great, classic theme that can be executed with charm and style.

Think lassos, cowboy hats, Indian headdresses and spotted horses. Using native American themed textiles can create a striking accent on bed spreads, pillows and other furniture. Classic posters from old cowboy films make exciting wall features, and if you really want to impress, how about a mini tee-pee cubby for your child.

Fairy Tales and Folk Stories

Classic fairy tales and folk stories are a timeless theme with very broad capabilities. You can mould any stories or characters to suit your tastes, your home’s existing décor, and you can choose your child’s favourites.

Whether it’s a beanstalk decal on the bedroom wall, a princess-style bed, a bookshelf fashioned to look like Rapunzel’s tower or magical decorations full of witches, wizards and dragons, the possibilities are endless and can be tailored to your kids’ preferences.

Bring the Outdoors In

For the little nature lover, an outdoorsy theme is sure to create an indoor environment inspired by nature.

Flower pots and indoor plants are a great place to start, with lots of natural imagery. If your child likes gardening, how about spades and leaves and flowers? Or if the jungle or the savannah is more his/her style, how about vine decals on the walls and plenty of animal décor?

Intergalactic Inspiration

The outer-space theme is an enduring classic that can be executed in a multitude of different styles to suit any home.

Dark, soothing colours are great for a sleeping space, with silver and gold colours to create a striking accent. Silver stars and colourful planets can be used as artwork, décor, even hanging mobiles. And don’t forget the glow in the dark ceiling stickers!

If you’ve got bunk beds in the room, the ladder will look fantastic dressed up as a rocket ship! All you need is a little ply wood and some acrylic paints. There are lots of quirky options available for bunk beds in Melbourne that kids will adore.

Cartoon Favourites

If your child has a favourite cartoon character, show, or even celebrity, there’s bound to be an abundance of themed merchandise that will make decorating a breeze.

It’s a great idea to keep major elements of the room quite neutral and have themed items stand out as feature items. That way, when the next favourite character comes along you won’t need to make any major changes to keep up with your kids’ tastes.

Just like adults, kids love their living space to express their personalities and be filled with items and images that they enjoy, so it’s important to choose a theme that your child can relate to and has an affinity with. For best results, involve your child in the process; you’ll both have a ball creating a funky new space.

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