Pros and cons of using an induction cooker

Induction cookers are slowly becoming staple appliances in modern day kitchens. Although I have a gas oven with an electric burner, I'm tempted to buy even a single burner table top induction cooker but I first want to do some research. Induction cookers are more expensive and I want to be sure that I'm really getting my money's worth.


  • Safety - There is no danger of carbon monoxide poisoning from leaking gas tanks inside the home. Also, the surface is not hot and its safe to touch so there's no danger of burning your fingers (and your kids' too!)
  • Portability - Induction cookers can be conveniently placed on the dinner table for a hotpot dinner. And because it's relatively light, you can bring it outdoors or when you travel during outings.
  • Precision cooking - Professional cooks love induction cookers because they can adjust the heat to exact temperatures. 
  • Timer - You can set the time of your cooking and do other things while waiting. Talk about multi-tasking!
  • Lower electricity consumption - Induction cookers offer less energy wastage compared to gas stoves so cooking time is lessened. Since heating becomes shorter, electricity consumption is lowered, too.
  • Sleek and modern design - Perfect for homes that have a modern interior design.


  • Special pans and pots needed - Induction cookers work only on pots and pans made with stainless steel OR cast iron so you may need to buy new ones for your cooker. If you don't know which ones to buy, bring a magnet with you while shopping. If it's magnetic, you can cook with it on an induction cooker.
  • No electricity, no cooking - Your cooking will be interrupted once there's a power failure. 

Obviously, the pros outweigh the cons in this argument. An induction cooker seems to be a good investment.  The next question for me then will be what brand to buy. Frigidaire is a trusted brand and I've seen the portable induction cooker being sold in their website. What I like about this unit is that it has an automatic cookware detector which is another energy saver. There are also other frigidaire accessories sold at the Frigidaire Store website which got me into online shopping mood in an instant. Check it out too and you might just find something you like!

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