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As each day pass, I come to realize that I'm not getting any younger and healthier. I'm still in my mid-30's, yet, I'm already battling Type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, and hypertension. Being obese and living a sedentary lifestyle definitely lead to these health problems, I know. Late last year though, I started to take charge of the situation because I want to start feeling better and living healthier not only for myself but for my family as well.

Aside from my weekly Zumba and Meta-FIT sessions, I know take in more fiber that helped me lose unwanted pounds. I've still got a long way to go before I reach my ideal weight but losing a pound a month has already inspired me to keep going until I'm leaner and healthier. So far, my bad cholesterol level has gone down and my blood sugar and blood pressure is always within the normal range. To help me maintain these healthy levels, I am adding Circulan 4-in-1 to my daily health supplements.

Circulan is not at all new to me. In fact, this is one of the health supplements that my father took after his bout with stroke years ago. Each soft gel capsule is packed with 4 potent herbs that help the body achieve proper blood circulation.These herbs are Hawthorn Berry for a healthy heart, Gingko Biloba for improved memory and alertness, Garlic Oil for blood circulation, and Lemon Balm to relax the nerves. Circulan wasn't part of my father's prescribed medications but, since it's FDA-approved, we just trusted its claim, "nasa dugo lang 'yan" (it's all in the blood). He was bedridden for more than a month after his stroke and I believe that, along with the other medications he took, Circulan 4-in-1 helped him regain not only his health but also his fine motor skills and his memory.

Have you or a loved one tried taking Circulan? How has it helped you/them in living a healthier life? I would love to read about your testimonies so don't forget to drop me a line or two in comment box!

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  1. Thanks for this helpful article, ma'am. I've just started taking Circulan this morning, Nov. 17, and I'm hoping that it will help me bring my blood pressure to normal level together with the prescription medicines my cardiologist told me to take daily. I have a question, though, is it okay to take both Circulan and MX3 supplements? Thanks again and more power! God bless you and your entire household.


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