Tips in putting a toddler to sleep

Are you having problems in putting your toddler to sleep? I know how exhausting it can be. It was also hard for me to get Rap to sleep on his own when he was still a year old. I had to carry him and lull him to sleep with silly lullabies. My 2-year old niece, Tiki, is also one hyperactive tot who now wants to play more and sleep less. Sounds familiar?

Eventually, I got to train Rap to follow a sleep routine that made bedtime easier and more hassle-free for both of us. Here are some of the things I did in training my tot to sleep on his own:

Say no to sugar before bedtime for obvious reasons. If you want to give your tot some sweet treats, say dessert after dinner, choose something sugar free or have them take their supper as early as usual. This no sugar rule also applies to their milk so choose one that has the least sugar content.

Help your toddler relax before bedtime. I always had to give Rap a sponge bath with a warm towel not only to cleanse him but also to help him relax. Dressing him up also includes a quick massage with lavender baby lotion. Then, we would listen to calming classical music while lying down. Tiki, according to my sister, prefers silly bedtime stories over music, haha!

Set a signal for bedtime. Tots still don't have a clear concept of time and they can't even read the clock yet. My signal for bedtime with Rap was the evening news on TV. I started conditioning him by always telling him that it would be bedtime soon once the evening news starts. By the time the news ends, he's already in dreamland and I'm ready for my telenovelas, LOL!

With these tips, I hope I can help you overcome your toddler sleep problems. My rule of thumb in parenting is always to start them young. Training your tot to establish a regular, healthy sleep routine is something that he/she will carry until he/she's older.

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