Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF

Trick-or-Treat during Halloween has slowly become a part of family tradition here in the Philippines. I bet your kids have already become part of Trick-or-Treat activities in the malls at least once. When Rap was younger, we would always spend time preparing his costume. Fellows moms and dads, this year is our chance to let our kids help other kids while having fun this Halloween.

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In celebration of the 20th year of National Children's Month, UNICEF brings the Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF campaign to the Philippines. Started in 1950 in Philadelphia, USA by Reverend Clyde Allison and his wife Mary Emma, Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF has already raised more that $167 million around the world and remains an inspiration to the young (and the young at heart) to further the cause of children everywhere.

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Mr. Tomoo Hozumi, UNICEF Country Representative

How your kids can join

You can accompany your kids to the UNICEF booths at The Mega Atrium at SM Megamall and The Podium anytime from October 6 to 27. After filling out the registration form, each child will be given a free Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF (TOT4UNICEF) kits. Only parents and legal guardians can register their children for the free kit.

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The TOT4UNICEF Kit includes an orange Trick-or-Treat collection box, a badge, and a shirt so the kids can be properly identified as bona fide donation collectors for UNICEF.

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You will then be briefed by UNICEF volunteers on all you need to know about the campaign. Once your kids have their kits, they can do their "trick or treating" anytime, anywhere they want. Donations may be in cash or check (payable to UNICEF).

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Active UNICEF ambassador, Ms. Daphne OseƱa-Paez and her lovely daughters.
The donations will then be turned in at the same UNICEF Trick-or-Treat booths in SM Megamall and The Podium from November 2 to 4. Everyone is encouraged to count their donations first and provide the total amount before turning it in. The filled-up forms (included in the kit) and the actual box should also be brought.

Just in case you can't make it during these dates, you can turn over your kids' collections through any SM Bill Payment Counter, through bank deposits at Metrobank UNICEF C/A 066-706631209-3, or any Bayad Center outlet. Fax the filled-up donation form together with the payment receipt or deposit slip to 9010195 or 7294529 or email to

Donations of Php 1000 or more within Metro Manila are eligible for pick-up and you can coordinate it with UNICEF through 7581000 or 7581442.

Name That Superhero Contest

Multiply, another Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF partner, is holding a special contest for kids. All they have to do is name at least one of the UNICEF superhero characters and then people will vote for the best entry on Facebook and Twitter. Visit to enter the contest.

Hurry and register early!

The TOT4UNICEF kits are limited so be sure to register early. All kids who turn in their donations will receive a certificate of recognition and a special gift from UNICEF via postage mail by November.

How's that for a one-of-a-kind Halloween tradition. My boy has his box already and we'll be collecting this coming week starting with his Ninong and Ninang (it's his Confirmation Day this Tuesday, LOL!) I do hope you also support this campaign.

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