An electric guitar for Christmas

I'm looking for an inexpensive electric guitar that comes with a small amplifier. No, this is not for me but for my boy. Good thing about this shopping quest is, I'm not going to buy it for Christmas. Rather, Rap is going to buy it for himself. (He beams with pride every time he tells me that!)

Fender Trio: Strat, Duo & Tele
Photo: “Fender Trio: Strat, Duo & Tele” by Martin Taylor, c/o Flickr. Some Rights Reserved

I'm even more proud when he told me he's saving for his first-ever electric guitar since last month. We bought him an acoustic guitar two years ago as a requirement in school but he never really got to play it well until lately. His fascination with The Beatles drove him to teach himself how to play his favorite tunes wel and now he's bent on getting that electric guitar for that ultimate Beatles sound.

He can even save up for good digidesign recording tools for all I care and I will gladly support him. I'm just happy that he's learning to save part of his allowance to buy the things he want and not ask from us anymore.

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