Halloween decorating this 2012

We've started our Halloween decorating at home. I think we're the only one in our village who does this, haha! It's a tradition we brought from Laguna Bel-Air where we spent our first six years as a family. I still can't shake it off and our Halloween will not be complete without having a spooky home.

The house is kinda ready for the Halloween Trick or Treat here in our village but I still feel we're missing something. I'm not into the gory stuff though.
This is how our garage looks like at the moment.
Hope our neighbors have a blast taking souvenir photos just like in the past years.
In the past, I always do the Halloween decorating much to the delight of my neighbors back in Laguna. Since I'm always busy nowadays, it's my handy dandy houseboy who does most of the dirty work and I just shop for cheap spookies.  Actually, I don't buy from home decor stores like The Garden Gates shop but from toy stores. Just the other day, I was able to buy the witch decor (the one that's in purple and orange hanging by our window and as big as a one-year old baby) for only Php 250 from Toy Kingdom. It was an old display that's why it was on sale.

Are you also into Halloween decorating? I would love to see how your home looks like this Halloween season!

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  1. We don't decorate our home during Halloween because nobody will see it. We live in a condo, that's why. I love your Halloween decors, by the way! 


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