How to Raise Focused and Fearless Kids

If you find that your kids are not that focused and they need help succeeding at school and in life by doing their best, there are simple ways to help them stay on task. Of course they still need to enjoy life, but creating a well balanced lifestyle for your child will allow the habits to carry into adulthood. Plus, it will also help them develop a positive character that will also stay with them throughout their adulthood. By teaching them how to stick with a task, they will also learn how to be fearless in everything they do. Well, let’s hope not too fearless because they do need to maintain some self control when it comes to sporting activities. ;)

Feed Them a Healthy Meal and Incorporate Multivitamins – In order for your kids to have a healthy mind and body, feeding them with food that has the right nutrients is crucial. Don’t forget to give them milk, all of their green veggies, and fruits too. Of course protein is also important as well as giving them their multivitamins every night. They’ll have a healthier outlook on life and will be able to function a lot better if you are feeding them properly. Also, make sure to keep them focused on maintaining the same healthy diet as they continue to grow older.

Keep the TV and Cell Phones Turned off – In order for your kids to learn how to focus, allow them a certain amount of time to watch TV or be on their cell phones after school. After that time is up it’s time for them to work! Have them tackle homework without distraction. This means that their brothers and sisters can’t have their televisions on either. They’ll all stay focused if all of the distractions are turned off and they’ll also finish their homework faster, which means more time to play!

Take a Breather In Between Tasks – To keep your child consistent with their work ethic, reward them every time they complete a task. So after they have done fifty percent of raking up the leaves, for example, invite them inside and give them a cup of hot apple cider. This will make them excited to finish the rest of the task so that they can come back in again and have another rewarding treat. However, don’t spoil your child, but implementing small breaks in between homework and accomplishing important tasks will show them that you acknowledge their hard work and appreciate all that they do.

Sierra is a freelance writer and blogger at her blog Ocean Dreams. She enjoys instilling a good work ethic in younger children and plans on doing the same thing for her kids someday.

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  1. My son never goes to school without eating breakfast. I keep telling him that he won't be able to answer his tests if he doesn't eat his breakfast, and he always does, although it takes him long to finish his meal. Lol! We also turn off the TV whenever we review for his quizzes/tests. I find this strategy effective in developing good study habits. 

  2. These were the guidelines that my mom used when I was growing up. I hope I can apply these to my daughter too most especially when she enters a formal school next year.

  3.  Even adults need a breather in between tasks  how much more  with the kids. Thank you for the following guidelines. Serving them a healthy and delicious meal make them more productive.  It is hard to focus with an empty stomach.

  4. What I need right now is for Dindin to focus on chewing her food! Grrr.

  5. I really keep the tv turned off for Ykaie to stay focused when doing homework or studying for exam. It's a great habit to start while she's still in kindergarten para makalakihan nya.

  6. Yup turn off all the distraction to keep them focused, or else they will just play and set aside their lessons instead of the other way around. :(


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