7 Tips for Saving Money when Planning a Wedding

While it’s meant to be one of the happiest days of your life, the lead up to any wedding can easily become stressful. Money matters are a common concern for many soon to be newlyweds, with unnecessary financial burdens often ruining what is meant to be a happy experience. For tips on how to save money when planning your wedding (and lose the stress!) check out these great ideas.

Create a Budget

I cannot stress to you how important it is to devise a carefully thought-out budget – and to stick to it! Creating a budget early on in the planning stages will help you to be more realistic about your spending options. It is very easy to get carried away when organising a wedding, particularly when you have not implemented any guidelines for costs or pricing. Developing a budget will enable you to determine how much you can realistically spend on items and cull any unnecessary purchases from your list.

DIY Decorations & Invitations

In more recent times, DIY decorations and invitations have become very popular amongst many brides-to-be. Creating beautiful decorations can be an experience to remember, particularly if you invited the girls around for an afternoon of imaginative planning and creations.

Tie the Knot on a Weekday

Weekday weddings are becoming much more common, as couples start to understand the financial benefits of marrying on a Friday, rather than a Saturday or a Sunday. Weekday weddings often provide great savings on venue hire, catering costs, photographers and celebrants. With most guests taking time out of their schedules to attend your wedding anyway, you won’t be causing an inconvenience to your friends or family, by having your special day midweek.

Be Ruthless with your Invites

While it may seem like an extraordinary step to take, culling your guest list can greatly reduce the cost of your wedding. As with any large scale events, people tend to be invited because of their relationships with other guests, such as children and co-workers. While it may not be ideal scenario, if you’re looking to save money, one of the most efficient ways is to be ruthless when deciding on your final guest list.

Hire an Event Planner

Spending more money to save money may sound a little ridiculous, but it’s a proven success for budgeted weddings. Hiring an expert planner can ultimately save you thousands of dollars, with many event management companies having numerous contacts and great industry rates. If you’re a little shy when it comes to negotiating prices, you can’t go past employing the services of an event management company. An event planner can help to eliminate the stress from your big day, while also getting you the best deals possible.

All-Inclusive Packages

When planning your wedding, check out venues that offer special deals for all inclusive packages. All inclusive packages can provide great savings, particularly when they include the cost of necessary features such as catering, venue hire or your celebrant.

Shop Around

Don’t fall into the trap of getting carried away by the first products you see. When you begin to shop around, you’ll find that you can grab most wedding items for a bargain, particularly on online sites such as eBay or Etsy. If you’re not into the world of online shopping, check out wedding clearance centres or wholesale outlets.

As with any major event, prices can quickly sky rocket for your big day. To avoid unnecessary debt and create an unforgettable experience, try our great money saving ideas by hiring an event planner to decrease the cost of your wedding today!

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  1. good list, will be a great help to those planning a wedding

  2. Nice tips! Me and Paulie don't have plans of getting married anytime soon, but the topic comes up once in a while. I might be one of those girls who doesn't like a big wedding. As much as possible I would like only my immediate family to be present. Saves us on expenses, plus IMO it would be a lot more intimate and memorable :)

  3. Jennifer Legaspi-AspacioOctober 2, 2012 at 9:32 PM

    I miss doing weddings! Great tips, Mare ha! :)

  4. I was ruthless when it came to inviting people to our wedding alright, I only invited our closest friends and although there were some who felt bad they weren't invited, it was something that I had to do because getting married is expensive! :P

    Awesome tips for people who plan on getting married. :)

  5. Very useful tips. Will bookmark this and send this to clients who are usually asking tips for a frugal wedding. Thank you for sharing. :)

  6. I dont have plans for getting married pa but i know i will in the future. So i will always keep these things in my mind;)

  7. It has been so long since we planned our wedding, but yes, these advice still hold true. The weekday thing of course, you have to consider your guests, especially children, if you are holding this on a school night. If the children cannot come, then their parents could not come also. That is one problem with a weekday wedding.

  8. Good thing nowadays, there are lots of establishments that are willing to adjust for the bride and grooms given budget. Great tips, Mauie!

  9. I especially like the part about being ruthless with the guest list. It makes so much sense.

  10. great post! those tips will come in handy, especially for couples who plan to tie the knot soon ;)

  11. Aleah | SingleBrownFemale.comOctober 3, 2012 at 10:11 AM

    Very good tips, will bookmark just in case I get married someday :)

  12. Logically wedding plans fall under 6 or more categories, those who can afford lavish wedding, the minimalist (average couple with average means), the socials (which includes - the "pasosyal'), the creatives, the legal method (let's get on with the papers) and those who are literally needs to get wed for the sake of marriage (where the lower brackets of society falls).

  13. I think the simpler weddings can be the more intimate and better ones as a wedding need not be expensive as long as love is prevalent in the union.

  14. If I have another go in my wedding, I will hire an event planner on Day 1. The stress ain't just worth it.

  15. "Be ruthless with your invites"--I like that suggestion, but it's true. You have to really select the ones you're going to invite because you don't want to end up paying for more for your wedding.

  16. Rightly! It should always start with the budget and importantly stick with the limits to save money. Also, consider the help of other people close to you for other great ideas in planning

  17. I won't be getting married any time soon, but this is very helpful! :) Will definitely take note of everything, especially the part on being ruthless with the invites ;)


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