How to get organised before you move

Moving house, as exciting as it is, can also be one of the most stressful and unpleasant times for families. Your home is turned into chaos and nothing is where it should be. Taking measures and organising yourself, for the big move, can help to ensure that your move is successful and without stress. For some great organisational tips, check out our moving guide below.

Create a Checklist

- While creating a checklist for the day of the move is important, you should also create a checklist which outlines important dates in the weeks prior to moving house. Breakdown your checklist into weekly intervals, including dates to contact your landlord or confirm removal times.

Finalise the Final Day of your Lease

- If you’re renting, contact your landlord well before the end of your lease. Providing notice for your exit of the premises will allow you to sort all of the paperwork, before the day you move, including the refund of bond deposit.

Contact your Providers

- If you have internet, Pay TV, a home phone, gas and electricity, be sure to contact your suppliers and either arrange to have your utilities disconnected at your current property or transferred to your new home.

Book your Removalist

- When it comes to removalists, plan ahead. Furniture removal companies can become booked well in advance, so always secure their services for your moving date, as soon as possible.

Change your Address

- Contact all of your major service providers, including banks, health funds and any other providers that you may receive mail correspondence from. Changing your address with suppliers, well before your moving date, will help to eliminate the chance of not receiving important letters or parcels, once you have already moved.

Research your New Neighbourhood

- Whether you’re moving to the next suburb or interstate, research any important facilities within your new neighbourhood. Knowing bus timetables or the location of local medical centres and shops will eliminate unnecessary stress of moving.

Organise Home & Contents Insurance

- As soon as possible, contact your chosen lender to organise the implementation of home and contents insurance. Arrange your cover to start from the day that the property is in your name, to cover yourself in the case of an unfavourable situation.


- If you are able to, pack whatever you can in the coming weeks to your move. Packing at the last minute may lead to broken belongings or incorrectly labelled boxes – which, trust me, is a nightmare for unpacking.

On-the-day Checklist

- When it comes to moving day, you’re likely to look back on it as a hazy blur. Well before your moving day, create a checklist for happenings on the day. Your checklist should also include important information, including your removalist and home builders contact details, along with times for key collections, etc.

The Day of the Move

- Check that your old home is secured and that all cleaning has been carried out satisfactorily. It is often a good idea to leave a note for the new home owners, notifying them of your new postal address, in case of any stray mail.

Always remember that creating checklists and determining a realistic timeline is the key to a smooth move.

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  1. Great tips! :) I've only moved once in my life, when my husband and I got married, but I made the mistake of not creating a check list so we ended up going back and forth numerous times just to make sure we had all our things. :P It's a good thing we only live 15 minutes away from where I lived before.. :P

  2. I should have read these tips before we moved here in Cavite. I didn't do anything from your list so everything was a total chaos.

  3. I am not moving yet and i dont know if i will have to move out from my parents home anytime soon. But i will keep these things in mind:)

  4. Thanks for these tips..I'm gonna be needing them soon.

  5. thank God we don't need to move from one house to another...i hate packing and unpacking stuff :)

  6. We moved into different places several times before our son was born, and I was always in charge of everything, and I realized that it really pays to be organized during such occasions for a hassle-free move.

  7. Packing is easy for me, what's hard is the unpacking and fixing the new house :)

  8. sigrid @ lovinglymamaOctober 6, 2012 at 10:26 PM

    Good tips. But packing is something hard for me. Which is the reason why we haven't had a home renovation until now. I can't imagine how to pack things in the house!

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