The Generics Pharmacy now delivers through City Delivery

As it is already exams week next week, the past days have been busy for me and my boy. He had tons of projects to finish that we ended up sleeping at midnight for 4 nights straight. And since my husband was on a week-long overseas business trip, I was also obliged to bring Rap home from his choir rehearsals. All these, plus my daily work load, took a toll on my health which made me bedridden with fever, aching joints, coughs and colds over the long weekend. Without my husband to buy me meds, there's practically no one for me to send over to the drug store. Thankfully, The Generics Pharmacy now delivers medicine through City Delivery!

Ordering medicines from The Generics Pharmacy via City Delivery is quite easy to do. For over-the-counter medications, all you will need to do is place your order directly through calling or texting City Delivery or by placing your order online.


For prescription medicines, you will have to accomplish these simple steps:
  1. Place your order through calling/texting City Delivery's call center or through the website.
  2. Email your doctor's prescription to
  3. You may also fax it and ask for City Delivery's fax number from their customer service reps.
City Delivery will then process your order and all you have to do is wait for your meds to be delivered at your specified address.

City Delivery currently delivers to all cities in Metro Manila. A minimum order of Php 1000 is required for The Generics Pharmacy orders. For more information, you may reach City Delivery through the following channels:

Call center hotline: 87878
Text line: 09176387878

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