DIY Indoor Water Fountain

The end of the month is always a hectic time for me. I've got tons of tasks to finish and articles to edit and approve for billing. In the middle of each task, I destress by listening to the relaxing sound of splashing water c/o our table top indoor water fountain.

Water Fountain
Photo: “Water Fountain” by Silus Grok, c/o Flickr. Some Rights Reserved

Indoor Fountains can be pricey especially if you look for one in the mall. Ours was store-bought, too. I remember that it was around Php 1,800 in 2007. After that, I found out that I can easily make one for myself with a few store-bought, yet cheaper, materials. Here's how:
  • Aquarium water pump
  • Garden pebbles
  • Clay or ceramic pot
  1. Place the water pump in the middle of the clay pot. The wider your pot is, the bigger your should your water pump be.
  2. Arrange the garden pebbles in the pot, strategically concealing the water pump and its rubber tubing and cord but still leaving space for it to suck in water. Flat garden pebbles are perfect for this project.
  3. Put water in the pot until only the top layer of pebbles is exposed.
  4. Plug in the water pump and enjoy your new water fountain!

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  1. I'd love to have one of that, a smaller one though. True that it can help people who are stressed destress.

  2. Brilliant well designed fountain to go outdoor .

    Thank you for the share

  3. Mauie ..I simple loved your writing style and the way you have gone about with the stuff ..Thanks for the share


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