Do Not Be Cheap When It Comes To Buying A Bed

A lot of people have taken up couponing and found other creative ways to save a buck or two. While this is commendable and very wise, there are certain things which should just not be bought used or even purchased cheaply. It is one thing to buy a used shirt from the local goodwill store, it is another, however to go out and buy the cheapest bed mattress you can find.

In some cases, a used mattress is nothing less than a breeding ground for bacteria and other unwanted (and better left not talked about) germs and diseases. Bedbugs alone should guarantee there is no secondhand mattress market available; however there are more used bed mattresses for sale on Craigslist and at rummage sales, than there are on the back of a pickup truck headed to the dumpster. On the bright side of things, this does mean one can buy a used mattress extremely cheap, and on the other side, it means bedbugs and other unwanted diseases are here to stay and will continue to be of concern. Even in the absence of the little critters on a used mattress buying an older mattress is still a bad proposition and has other health concerns.

It is estimated a person spend about half of their life in a bed, so it is safe to say, it is one of the purchases in life worth spending a few extra dollars on. An increasing number of people each year are reported suffering from back pain and sleeplessness, and having the proper bed can relieve both of these chronic symptoms. The mattress market is also flooded and it can be extremely hard to know just where to start when searching for the right mattress to fit all of your physical needs.

If you, like so many people today, are suffering from back pain and restlessness, there are some amazing products available on the markets today which are scientifically tested to relieve both symptoms and have shown to decrease back pain and promote a more peaceful sleep. Some of these groundbreaking, back saving, mattresses are available through online companies such as Serta and IntelliBED. Not only do these companies offer state of the art beds, manufactured with the highest quality, they also offer a wide variety of beds from cribs, to twin beds, to beds specifically designed and engineered to help ease, and completely remedy, back pain and sleeplessness. A majority of these beds are also made 100% in the United States, they are also made with environmental friendly materials and have amazing warranties, so one can be sure their investment will last years to come and they will be sleeping soundly and pain free for years to come.

So, instead of scrimping on your mattress, make sure to spend a few extra dollars to ensure quality manufacturing, as well as your physical well being, and it may even be so comfortable you find yourself cutting coupons in your new luxurious bed!

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  1. I totally agree with you. No one should buy a used mattress especially online.

  2. I agree. When I was pregnant, I hand-picked the bed for our room because I want it to be comfortable while I was pregnant and also after. So we drove to the Salem factory and I laid down on each and every type of mattress they had! Haha! Safe to say that I got my mattress. Now I just need something to put on top to make it softer! :D


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