Thank You, Mom!

Have you seen the latest P&G ad on TV showcasing moms of athletes in the London 2012 Olympic Games? It never fails to bring tears to my eyes and I get so emotional every time I see it on TV. For those of you who haven't seen it yet, here's a video of the TV ad I'm talking about:

Motherhood is the hardest job in the world. We work so hard and sacrifice so much for the family. But I'm not complaining because it's the most rewarding job as well!  Without the selfless love of moms, there wouldn't be champions.  This Mother's Day, I'm joining P&G in honoring moms by saying "thank you" to the woman who has made me who I am today, my mom.


I would like to share with you this letter of thanks that I wrote for my mama.

Dear Mama,

When I was fourteen, I wrote these words in my diary: "my mama is beautiful but she nags too much." During that time, it appeared to me that you were nagging just because you hated me and the things I do. It never occurred to me back then that you were just tired after 8 hours of working in the office and 4 hours of teaching in the university. I didn't even consider how stressed you were that time because the bills were piling up. Of course, what mattered to me back then were boys, music, and my diary.

Sorry for that, Ma. I was just being young and foolish. Now that I know better, let me thank you for everything that you have given me.

Thank you, Mama, for believing in me. You were the first person who believed I had talent. Although singing did not become a career for me, I still appreciate the fact that you spent time, money, and effort to send me to voice and piano lessons and to bring me to singing contests.

Thank you, Mama, for instilling in us the love for our family. You taught me to care for my younger siblings especially when you are on a business trip overseas. Even our entire clan is thankful that you initiated our family reunions. Now, everyone knows every one and it made our family even stronger.

Thank you, Mama, for all your sacrifices. I now understand why you had to remind us, over and over again, to study well and finish our studies. We are not rich and that's all that we can afford to have. And because of all your hard work, all five of us have graduated with degrees.

Thank you, Mama, for your understanding. I know I let you down when I got married a year after graduation. I know you were counting on me to help you provide for our family. But, except for the initial outrage, I never heard another word of resentment from you. I hope I can still make it up to you somehow.

Thank you, Mama, for being an inspiration and a woman whom I can be truly proud of. Most people don't know how you worked as a housemaid and a BINGO attendant just to support your studies. You have been working hard all your life. I always pray for your health and I ask the Lord to give me an opportunity to reward you for all your hard work.

Thank you, Mama, for everything! I am and will be forever grateful for all the things that you have done for us. I love you and may the good Lord shower you with more blissful years. Happy Mother's Day!


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