Toilets at The Mind Museum

This is just a quick post because I am still mobile. I just can't resist to share with you this silly photo of my boy reaching inside a toilet bowl which was on exhibit at The Mind Museum in Taguig.

Hahaha, he was just fooling around in this photo. The bowls are clean but there's a belt inside that you have to reach to read bits and pieces of trivia about the toilet bowl. The toilet bowl is one of the most important inventions of the modern world. Can you imagine your life without it? Definitely, not!

The Mind Museum is another great place for the family. Aside from the interesting items on display, there's also a big T-Rex skeleton and the kids will have a blast taking a souvenir shot with it. One of our favorite parts of the museum is the Light Tunnel where we learned about the different kinds of light. I just wonder if they use cree xm-l LED lights over there because there's a part depicting the colors of the rainbow.

I'll be writing a more detailed post about this trip in a few days so watch out for that!

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