Energen for a hearty, healthier breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I always make sure that we have a hearty and healthy meal. But oftentimes, especially on school days, the school service arrives and my boy has only eaten a few spoonfuls of his fried rice. His next meal would be during recess time and he usually only eats cookies which will sustain him until lunch time. He may look healthy but he's surely missing out on important nutrients that's supposed to give him energy in school.

I recently discovered Energen Nutritious Milk and Cereal Drink and Rap drinks a mug of it together with his breakfast.Since it has oats and malt, I prefer having him drink it than his usual chocolate drink.

Energen (4)
Energen (2)

Aside from being fiber-rich, Energen is packed with vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, D, E, and calcium. I'm glad that Rap loves both vanilla and chocolate flavors. I also like the fact that it's easy to prepare, either hot or cold, so kids can make their own mug of Energen not only for breakfast but for snacks as well.

Even my dad, who has heart problems, loves drinking Energen. He calls it his "oatmilk." Fiber from oats helps him move his bowels regularly and lower his blood pressure so we added Energen to his diet.

By the way, Energen has an ongoing raffle promo entitled, “Energen Milyong Sustansya Promo.” More than Php 5 million pesos in cash prizes are at stake. You still have more than a week to join the promo which ends on May 26, 2012.

To join, simply write your name, age, address, contact numbers and signature in a piece of paper and put it in a white envelope together with three (3) empty wrappers of any variant (chocolate and vanilla) of Energen Nutritious Milk and Cereal Drink. At the back of the envelope, write “Energen Milyong Sustansya Promo” and the participating week and drop entries at designated drop boxes located at retail outlets nationwide.

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  1. that's a nutritious alternative for choco drink ;)


  2. Yep, totally agree about the breakfast thing.. for my kids, di nila kila yan. Busog Lusog sila :)


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