Circumcision: Preparing your boy and yourself for the big day

My boy is scheduled for circumcision this weekend. As the big day comes near, his nervousness increases. At the same time, I also see a hint of excitement on his part. Circumcision is a rite of passage, at least in our Filipino culture. He will officially be a binata after the surgery.

I have performed circumcision before as part of medical mission in college. It's fairly a simple surgical procedure and most boys are back to their naughty active selves in two or three days. Still, boys should be prepared physically and emotionally for the surgery.

Why circumcise?

Apart from being part of cultural or religious tradition, circumcision also has medical benefits. It's hygienic. It's easier to wash the penis without the foreskin on. Circumcision can also help prevent the incidence of urinary tract infections and penile problems. Lastly, it lowers the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases.

Is your boy ready?

You know why it took us this long to have my boy circumcised? I gave him time to be physically and emotionally ready. More than the pain of the surgery, it's the emotional trauma to your child that you have to avoid.

Back in the medical mission, parents would often bring kids that are too young to be circumcised to take advantage of the free surgery. Thus, our doctor-mentors taught us to check if the glans (the head of the penis) can easily peek out of the foreskin. Usually, it's between the ages of 10 to 12 years old.

You will also have to consider the after surgery preparations. Do you think your boy can handle cleaning his penis with minimum supervision? Is he mature enough to stay put for a few days and avoid active play while he recuperates? Two yeses mean he's ready.

Meanwhile, you'll know that your boy is emotionally prepared to be circumcised when he's already the one asking for it. Since my son studies in an exclusive boy's school, he has started to become worried about being teased by his schoolmates this coming school year. You know how boys are.

What should you expect?

Circumcision is an outpatient surgical procedure that can be done in a doctor's clinic. Since our HMO doesn't cover this procedure, I did a little window shopping and found the prices to range from Php 2k to 4k. I was also advised that I may add P500 pesos should there be a need to add anesthesia because my boy's already bigger than me.

Anesthesia is usually injected at 10 o' clock and 12 o' clock positions. You should explain to your son that that's the only pain that he'll feel.

The cut will usually depend on the surgeon but other parents say that they actually had a say on the style of the cut. Some remove most of the foreskin while others make a slit to allow more room for the glans to come out once erect. I did the latter.

While your son doesn't need to wear a skirt after the operation, make sure that he's wearing loose shorts or pants that will not touch his groin. It would also be normal for your boy to urinate for the first time several hours after the operation.

At home

Rough play is not advised within the week after circumcision to avoid further trauma and infection. The doctor will also prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection and analgesic for the pain. The penis should be cleaned and the dressing changed daily or according to the doctor's orders. If you can, boil a bunch of guava leaves and use its lukewarm concoction for cleansing.

So yes, we are so ready for the big day. Hope this helps you and your boy, too!

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  1. They say that after circumcision, kids grow bigger and they feel more mature. My nephew got circumcised last month and I have noticed some good changes in his attitude. 

  2. How ironic!  To prove your boy is a real man, you remove the most sensitive part of his penis.
    Why not prove you are a REAL WOMAN by removing the most sensitive part of your genitalia first?

  3. josme Mauie! while reading this I was cringing.. I just can't imagine my boys would have to go through this... well I guess, they have to be really ready before it happens.. 

    and thank you for this information, now I know why it has to be 10 and up and not younger.. 

  4. Your observations are irrelevant. Circumcision does nothing to a boy but reduce the level of sexual satisfaction they will have throughout their life. Sad to see this pagan ritual still goes on in the Philippines.


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