Susy and Geno Finally Reunites

Last month, I helped Susy look for Geno with this post. Other Susy and Geno fanatics also helped through Susy's Facebook page. Finally, last March 11, Susy and Geno met again at the Activity Center of Market! Market!

2012-03-11 Susy and Geno LR (4)

Fans, both young and old, were so happy to see Susy and Geno together. The pair danced to the fans' delight.

2012-03-11 Susy and Geno LR (6)
2012-03-11 Susy and Geno LR (10)

And as a special treat to everyone who came to witness the momentous event, booths were set up everyone can have a cup of cold and nutritious Sustagen for free. Fans also lined up to have their souvenir photos taken at the photo booth.

2012-03-11 Susy and Geno LR (8)

Now that Susy and Geno are back in each other's arms, expect exciting things to come from them and from Sustagen!

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  1. I grew up watching the commercial of Susy and Geno and I am so excited that they made a comeback... For sure, my toddler will enjoy watching them on TV while I reminisce the fun of my childhood! Proud Sustagen Kid!

  2. it would be so nostalgic to see these two together again in commercials! :D


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