Smart Parenting March Issue: Have a happy and accident-free summer!

I'm leaving for Cebu this afternoon with the boys. It's our first summer getaway for the year and we're so excited. Isn't summer the best time of the month for family trips? And speaking of family lakwatsa expect little accidents no matter how hard we try to keep our kids safe.

Thus, be sure to have Smart Parenting magazine's March issue inside your travel bag. It's filled with tips, features, and stories to help you and the family have a happy and worry-free summer!

This March, Smart Parenting has all the safety tips you need to know whether your kids are playing on the water, in the playground, or in the neighborhood. It also offers practical advice on traveling with the family, keeping kids clean and germ-free, and ensuring the health of the whole family.

For those who will stay at home this summer, Smart Parenting suggests fun, educational, and safe websites and TV shows for kids. Also expect expert parenting advice on teaching kids how to say sorry to playmates they hurt in the playground.

Read about Chesca Garcia-Kramer's insights on motherhood and parenting and also get to see her daughters, Kendra and newborn Scarlett. And while you're enjoying this latest issue of Smart Parenting, have your little one browse through his complimentary copy of National Geographic Kids.

Smart Parenting magazine, which comes bundled with National Geographic Kids, is available in all newsstands, bookstores, and supermarkets nationwide for only Php 125. If you want to have Smart Parenting on e-magazine format for your tablets and smartphones, log on to and click the ‘Subscribe’ button right below the cover of Smart Parenting to purchase your very own e-magazine. For more of Smart Parenting online, visit and become a fan on Facebook via

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  1. hope you had a great vacation in Cebu! :D


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